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Beautiful Bean Pit

DIY Stone Fire Pit This project is sponsored by Bush’s Beans While Bush’s Beans runs their Bush’s Beautiful Summer Contest, where one lucky fan will win a bean-inspired backyard makeover of their dreams designed by HGTV’s “Good Bones” star Mina Starsiak Hawk, they have asked me to create my own take on a Beautiful Bean Pit. I’m… Continue reading Beautiful Bean Pit

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DIY Toddler Bed

This project was done in partnership with The Home Depot The last part of our son’s room makeover is underway with a custom house bed build!  We partnered with The Home Depot on this project as they’ve had the tools and solutions for us to keep building all year long.   We are using these… Continue reading DIY Toddler Bed

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5 Holiday DIY Projects in Under 30 minutes

This post is sponsored by RYOBI RYOBI and I have gotten together once again for a series of super simple DIY projects that can make great gifts for the holiday season. All 5 of these projects can be completed by a tool beginner with just a handful of supplies. Feel free to get creative and… Continue reading 5 Holiday DIY Projects in Under 30 minutes

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Kids Closet Makeover

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot and contains affiliate links Phase 2 of the big kid room has begun at Casa Chavez! This phase involves customizing a closet so that it is kid friendly and will easily grow with our boy as his needs change. here is a very real photo of the… Continue reading Kids Closet Makeover

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DIY Monochrome Wall Mural

This post is sponsored by Handy Products. I took on phase 1 of my son's big kid room with a DIY wall mural. My goal was to paint something simple yet eye catching over the existing black shiplap wall I love so much. In staying true to the HofE style I stuck with black, white,… Continue reading DIY Monochrome Wall Mural

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I “should”

This blog post is a paid partnership with Halo Top ice cream. It starts the moment I open my eyes. Not even giving myself a chance and quickly setting the bar to a height that feels impossible to reach.   “I SHOULD”: do more be morework moreplay more sleep moreon and on and on  I was more… Continue reading I “should”

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Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Round Up

Starting to prep for the delivery of my 3rd child and this time around I feel like I finally know exactly what I like and what I will need! This hospital bag will be carrying just the essentials and items I know I can count on. Here is a list (with links) of my labor… Continue reading Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Round Up

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Operation Surprise!

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. By now you know the things that are most important to me. As the daughter of a US Marine and holding that prestigious title myself, military service sits at the top of that list. My father and I1990 / 2002 I also believe it’s important to make… Continue reading Operation Surprise!

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Same, But Different

Last summer I won the lottery when my sister bought a neighboring home to ours. Having family close by after moving away from them has changed everything. Spending time with her, being able to ask for her for help, and having her around to teach my son is bringing me tons of joy. I like… Continue reading Same, But Different

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Stay at Home Mom

During a family outing an acquaintance asked what it is I do for a living. It was the first time since quitting my job that I was going to answer “stay at home mom”. I hesitated. I wanted to say something that sounded more glamorous like “work at home mom” or “Etsy business owner”. 🙄Then… Continue reading Stay at Home Mom

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So Much Change, Same Crafty Space

So much has happened since I last posted anything.  Where do I even start? Cliff Notes version: Quit my day job Had a baby, very very early dedicated every waking moment to premie baby Tons of house projects I'll write more about all of these things in the coming posts, I promise. Now that the… Continue reading So Much Change, Same Crafty Space

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Hoop Art – Frida

I love any and everything Frida Kahlo. So naturally I have to include her in an embroidery hoop series. This is the first: Kinda classy, Kinda hood.  Aren't we all? Those eyebrows tho

Keeping it real

New Year, New Look, Same Ol’ Me

Hello everyone.  After having disappeared from the Blog-osphere, I'm back.   So much to catch up on.... Here are the cliff notes for the last almost 2 years (yikes!): We sold our home, moved and bought another.  Lots of house projects to come! Thrift hoarding continues.  I've been given the green light to collect all the goods… Continue reading New Year, New Look, Same Ol’ Me

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2015 – Keepin’ it Real

Cleaning up the dust and cobwebs off this little blog.  Wish I had exciting news to justify my absence, I don't.  But, I'm back.  Hi.  After throwing myself several pity parties the last couple months I'm ready to get back to  sharing my stories. Even though I have not been active here.... I have been… Continue reading 2015 – Keepin’ it Real

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DIY Camera Strap and the Miserable Cow

I've had the pleasure of experimenting lately with my first DSLR camera and its been a ton of fun.  Slowly learning how to use it and researching all the tips and tricks for great picture taking.  While searching for camera accessories I came across some amazing camera straps!  Some are leather, others made from colorful and vibrant fabrics....wayyy… Continue reading DIY Camera Strap and the Miserable Cow