Top 10 Must Have RYOBI Tools

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 One of the most common questions I am asked is “what are your top must have tools for DIY?”.  I’ve put together a list of my favorite tools that I not only use on a regular basis but are great for beginners.


This 2 tool kit is perfect to start with.  As part of the RYOBI 18V ONE+™ system, it includes a drill and impact driver. Both have brushless motors and as part of the HP line, are more compact than before, and lighter weight yet incredibly powerful.  Both are good for tight spots, overhead applications, and even one handed use.  I have found the lightweight size to be a welcomed change.  We used both of these tools to create the pegboard houses we built for the interior of our under the stairs play space.  

 2.18V ONE+™ The 18 GA Brad Nailer 

This tool is part of every DIYers starting line up!

RYOBI’s airstrike technology eliminates the need for a compressor.  This nailer uses nails as short as 5/8” to as long as 2”.  It is powerful, adjustable, accurate and can be used for a variety of applications, from interior trim work to assembling craft projects. I’ve used it for just about everything.  Currently one of the most reviewed RYOBI tools on The Home Depot website, with over 11,000 documented positive feedbacks.

We’ve used this tool to install our most recent hallway board and batten. The brad nailer was also instrumental in installing the trim in our DIY 14 foot library that consisted of about 300  feet of mouldings!

 3. 18V ONE+™ 5 inch Random Orbit Sander

With 10,000 orbits per minute, the random action on this sander means swirl free sanding on your surfaces.  It’s got dust collection, ergonomic grip, and up to 40 mins of continuous sanding when used with the high capacity battery.  Whether it’s sanding old furniture or prepping wood materials for their first use, this sander will prove to be a workhorse in your tool arsenal.

 4. 18V ONE+™ High Pressure Inflator

This particular inflator has a digital gauge that is easy to read.  We use this tool for filling small inflatables, especially during the summer with the kids pool and toys. It’s come in handy for  our vehicle tires and even wheel barrel wheels, whenever they are low on air.  The tool includes nozzle accessories which are stored on the tool itself.  Of course it uses an 18V ONE + battery. An inexpensive addition that we’ve come to rely on year round. 

  5. 4-Volt Lithium Screwdriver

Did you know there was such a thing as an electric screwdriver? Well now you know. It is made for light duty drilling, in places where a regular drill would apply too much torque.  If you’re asking what could you possibly use this for, lemme tell you, I love it. It has just the right amount of torque and power for removing and installing things like door hinges, cabinet hardware, outlet and switch plates. All tedious tasks that require repetitive hand turning. This right here saves my hands and wrists! Not to mention time. The tool comes with a flat and Phillips head bit.  You can also use any 1-2 inch bits you already have.  The tool comes with an internal battery which makes it cordless, I find its great for small spaces. 

 6. 18V ONE+™ Brushless 7 1/4” Circular Saw 

The very first saw I recommend anyone get their hands on is a RYOBI circular saw.  This particular one is brushless.  Remember, that means more power and longer run time. 

The full size blade allows for increased cut capacity when cutting wood.  It is an Incredibly versatile tool that can not only be used to cut down large pieces of material but also if you’re working on something fancy, it has the ability to bevel cut up to 56 degrees.

The cordless feature lets you take this saw to where you need it and you’re not tethered to an outlet like with a traditional miter saw or table saw.  It comes with a LED cutline for precise cuts and has a thoughtful ergonomic design.

With almost 1,000 customer reviews on THD, 91% of those customers would recommend.

 7. 18V ONE+™ 3 Gallon Project Wet/Dry Vacuum

The 3 gallon size on this vacuum is great for average tasks. The cordless feature means it is portable and compact, lightweight and powerful.  Also part of the 18V ONE+ battery platform.

Not only does it suck up debris, but it also serves as a blower.  Its flat top and rectangular design makes storage easy, its even stackable.  There is a place onboard to store all of the accessories, no more digging for parts in a drawer.  Complete with a washable and reusable filter.  This vacuum, is great for taking from room to room during projects or cleaning up after kids and pets in the car.  

8. 18V ONE+™ Brushless Jigsaw 

Like I stated before, a brushless motor allows for faster cutting and more power.  This saw comes complete with an LED work light and sight line blower, making precise cuts easier than before.  The variable speed control lets you make precise cuts on various materials.  This tool comes with a wood cutting blade and you can add blades for materials like tile, even store them in the onboard blade storage cubby located on the underside of the tool.  The base even adjusts from 0-45 degrees right or left for bevel cuts. 

 9. 12 in.  Sliding Miter Saw

RYOBI offers a variety of miter saws. From plug in saws, like this to the ONE+ battery operated kind.  Blade sizes range from 7 1/4” inches, great for smaller projects, all the way to 12” for larger cuts.  This particular saw with its 15 amp motor is the largest in its class and meant for heavy duty projects.  With 3800 RPM, its got the power to make difficult cuts and make it through larger material with ease.  The 12 inch blade and sliding arm allows for cross cuts of material just over 13 inches.  One of the things I like the most is that instead of a laser cutline, it has an LED cutline that never needs to be adjusted and is very accurate.   Once you’ve gotten the hang of your circular saw and made friends with a jigsaw, consider adding a miter saw that fits your diy needs. 

10. 18V ONE+™ Multi-tool 

This incredibly versatile tool works by oscillating, essentially moving an attachment at a high speed, with minimal vibration.  The interchangeable attachments can cut, sand, or even grind away material. It has a variable speed dial to adjust, depending on the material you are using. 

Whether it’s wood, metal, drywall, cement, mortar, or plastic this tool can handle it all. Especially in close areas where your material is fixed in place. One example this tool is commonly used for is  cutting door casings and trim while installing new flooring.  This tool is very beginner friendly, One of the handiest tools you can have. 

You can view the full hands on introduction on the RYOBI account here.

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