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So Much Change, Same Crafty Space

So much has happened since I last posted anything.  Where do I even start?

Cliff Notes version:

  • Quit my day job
  • Had a baby, very very early
    • dedicated every waking moment to premie baby
  • Tons of house projects

I’ll write more about all of these things in the coming posts, I promise. Now that the new baby dist has settled, and I’m finding my groove at home, one of my big goals is to live here again.  Whats the point of creating things/spaces if I’m not sharing them.  If you want to do a quick Instagram feed scroll on the last year, you can find my life happenings here.

I am still trying to create things almost every day.  My project and new ideas list has just been getting longer and longer the last year.  Everything from wood working, crochet, sewing, painting, photography, cooking, and embroidery is calling my name.  I’ll start nice and easy by sharing these new pom poms I made and added to baby hats I’ve been wanting to finish since last year. These new PomMaker donut pom pom makers are sooooo good!  They have reinvented pom pom making for me.  They wrap up quickly and finishing them is so fast. Plus their tutorials on pom animals are amazing! I cant wait to try them out.

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