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Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Round Up

Starting to prep for the delivery of my 3rd child and this time around I feel like I finally know exactly what I like and what I will need! This hospital bag will be carrying just the essentials and items I know I can count on.

Here is a list (with links) of my labor & delivery go to’s:

  • Nuun Sport Hydration tablets – not only do these tablets add flavor to help you stay hydrated but the electrolytes help boost your mid supply when nursing!
  • Nursing bra – this one is by far my favorite style of nursing bra, EVER
  • Nursing sleep bra – this style of nursing bra will provide support and make middle of the night feedings easy
  • Organic washable breast pads – sustainable breast pads to catch any leaks and keep your comfy bras dry!
  • Nursing gown – this short sleeve gown with button down front for easy nursing access will make a great alternative to a scratchy hospital gown
  • Slippers – don’t rely on the hospital socks, these comfy slippers will make shuffling to the toilet a smooth walk
  • Robe – a lightweight robe for coverage a hospital gown won’t get you
  • Nipple cream – no one should suffer through cracked nipples!
  • Washable mesh underwear – incase the hospital doesn’t provide extra, these mesh underwear will help get through those swollen and messy recovery days
  • High waisted cotton underwear – granny panties that will provide support after birth, especially after a C-section
  • Frida Mom peri bottle – keep your sore lady parts clean with this easy to use perinatal squirt bottle
  • Frida Mom Cooling Maxi Pads – your vagina will thank you for using cooling pads after the trauma it experiences during childbirth
  • Portable charger power bank – keep your electronics juiced with a back up charger
  • iPhone charging cable – extra long charging cable so you can keep your phone nearby
  • Chomps meat sticks – snacks, need I say more.

I hope this list helps you get your essentials together. Or if someone you know is expecting, treat them to some of these helpful items! They will thank you later for sure.

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