Keeping it real

I “should”

This blog post is a paid partnership with Halo Top ice cream.

It starts the moment I open my eyes. Not even giving myself a chance and quickly setting the bar to a height that feels impossible to reach.  


  • do more 
  • be more
  • work more
  • play more 
  • sleep more
  • on and on and on 

I was more than happy to get behind Halo Top ice cream’s new campaign: “STOP SHOULDING YOURSELF”.  I immediately started work on myself in an attempt change this toxic mindset.

When I dug down into each time I thought I SHOULD do something, this is what I found:

  • “I should work on getting him (my son) to sleep in his own bed..”

Says who???! Is he happy? Yes.  Do we all get to sleep and as a family? Yes. Will it last forever? No.

  • “I should be better about cleaning up”

Translates to: I should be a better house keeper.  My mom would be so disappointed. 

Is my house spotless? No.  Do I make a conscious effort everyday to do what I can when I can with housework? Yes.  Can I REALLY be better about cleaning up? No, I already my best.  Will I consider bringing in outside help? Possibly.  Until then why do I beat myself about it??

  • “I should wash my face at night”

Can I wash my face at night? Yea.  Will I? Lets be honest, probably not. So why do I tell myself I need to!?

  • “I should do more laundry”

Does my family have clean clothes? Yes.  Am I grateful for a working washer and dryer? Yes.  Do I do my best as it is? YES.

  • “I should wait until after I eat food to have ice cream”

Says who?! Desserts shouldn’t be a treat.  Especially when I can eat as much or as little Halo Top ice cream as I want and still feel good.  If I WANT to eat it, I CAN.

  • “I should get down on the floor and play more with my son”

I actually get down and play with him a lot! Who says its not enough? Why do I tell myself its not enough?

  • “I should get more steps in”

10,000 steps?! Come on! Who made up that rule?  I feel like I walk a thousand miles everyday in my own house with how busy I am.

The truth is these thoughts are completely unnecessary and I am already doing my best every single day.  At being a mother, wife, and house keeper.  If I wasn’t already trying my hardest, would make adjustments.  The change needs to come in my mindset.

I have decided to STOP SHOULDING myself.  Will you join me?

Instead, lets replace this thief of a word with phrases like “I can, I will, I want…”.

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