I hope to inspire with this blog. I hope to share ideas and inspiration for your soul and your home. But most of all I hope to allow others into my world which I hold extremely guarded.

I’ve always considered myself to be creative, organized, and resourceful. Most of you will agree, becoming a mother puts a hold on that crafty wishlist. With the passing of my son almost 9 years ago, I was devastated and very lost. I had gone from chasing around a toddler around the clock, to having more quiet time than I knew what to do with. In searching for answers and coping with the loss, I found comfort in keeping busy with old and new hobbies. Many ideas I easily connected to helping keep memories of my son, which I can display at home or even give to others.

I have come to the realization that I AM still infact a mother, and AM still creative, skillfull, and bursting with ideas.

Please enjoy,


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  1. what a wonderful way not only to inspire others.. but for us to remember on a daily basis..the things we are blessed with and NEVER take them for granted! Your are inspiration to us all!! I cant wait to follow your creativity!!!! love you!!

  2. My sweet Monica,
    You are simply the strongest woman I know! You don’t know how many times I’ve thought, “If monica can go through life…..so can I”. Your smile, your laughter and you prescense is inspiring, and I hope I never have to go through a week without you! I think your blog is a fantastic tribute to your son, and inspiration to everyone who is blessed to be a part of your life….I look forward to reading more, feeling more love in my heart, and being reminded of the important things in life.

    Thank you my love for letting me in!
    Xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo L.L.

  3. Thank you for sharing your creative crafting ideas and what a great way to honor Chancho. I love the tshirt cork board idea! Keep em coming.

    From one crafter to another <3

  4. Thank you Monica for my baby ugg booties and slippers. They are adorable!! You are such an inspiration and such a strong woman! I’m so happy you found a perfect and creative way to keep your memories close to your heart. xoxoxoxoxo

  5. I just found your blog through Pinterest and Ravelry. Thank you for sharing your creativity! And yes, you still are and always will be a mother. <3 🙂

  6. Hi Monica,

    Just found your blog through Pinterest… felt my heart drop when I read “Chancho Memorial”…

    I crochet because I needed something to distract me after my son Cadeau died at birth. I started the “Sweet Cadeaux” crochet shop on Etsy to try to give my hobby some focus and it has become much more. I make and donate hats for newborns (including preemies and micro-preemies) to local hospitals and also make gifts for Moms carrying rainbows (subsequent pregnancies).

    All that to say, I know for a fact that Chanco is near you more than you realize and he is SUPER proud of his mother. I wish you joy and peace despite the aching moments and dark hours… because there always will be some of those. (((HUGS)))

    Oh, that and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. It warms my heart to know that you understand the void left behind and how distraction can lead to being therapeutic when done right. I wish you well with your crafts and Etsy shop! I love that you donate to hospitals, such a noble thing to do for those little ones.

      I am sure Cadeau is also VERY proud of his mommy and guarding you like an angel. Thank you for the hugs! I also wish you joy and peace and lots and lots of crochet happiness!!


  7. Dear Monica,
    I know what your heart feels. I lost three. Two before seeing them, one at birth. My eldest daughter is now 30 and my son 19. Find comfort knowing that they will always be our babies. I have found as you are now doing that many children and mother need our crafty ideas. They will be in our heart forever.

  8. I totally feel your pain I lost my husband 4 years ago still seems like yesterday ,I was so lost I started crocheting again and since then started a page ,crocheting has helped me get threw my grief ,if you ever need talk please message me Hugs to you for your strength and happy you have found your passion again ,love your blog

  9. What an inspiration you are and yes of course you will always be a mother.I have two grown children but will never forget the baby daughter who was a twin,that passed away.Maybe that’s why I love knitting baby cloths so much.Love your site.God Bless.

  10. I am just learning to crochet and love it. I also have a blue Great Dane ,we rescue them in our area. His name is Ray. We have been rescuing Danes for about 30 years and I agree they are the best. Love all the work you do and have . Thanks gretchen

  11. Hi Monica, awesome blog. Saw the handpainted blanket with the stars and stripes and was curious what king of paint you used? And whether it was permanent/washable?


    1. Hi there! I used a washable stamp ink from the craft store. After stamping I waited 20 minutes and then gently went over it with a hot iron to set the ink, (covered with a cotton fabric or towel).

  12. Hi Monica. Thank you for not only sharing your baby blanket but your personal story. I am a grandmother to an angel baby boy and I admire your capacity to channel your energies into creating and giving. I am almost done making your blanket for a friend who is expecting a grandbaby. It is bringing feelings up for me, so i admire you for doing all that you do for others. You are and always will be a Mom. Thank you for being a giving person after all. This blanket is thick and beautiful. TY.

  13. Dear Monica I found your site through my aunt. Red something about the conversation shoes and decided there was a story here. IT IS AMAZING what you are doing here in honor of your son. You are right when you say you still a mother just like a child that lose a parent is still a daughter or a son. I can imagine what you went through because I lost my mother las year. However I don’t know how bad it is except for a glimpse I had some years back when I almost lost my daughter. To this day she only has to say MA and I jump to her side to make sure sh is alride. It’s been a rollacoster but it don’t compare to lose her. My heart goes to you and I pray you know the words of Jesus when he said “There will come back one day to be with us”…. Sorry I didn’t mean to preach. Love your iniciative to have this done and have us remember your son thru your narrative. Sincerely, Maria

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