Keeping it real

Stay at Home Mom

During a family outing an acquaintance asked what it is I do for a living. It was the first time since quitting my job that I was going to answer “stay at home mom”. I hesitated. I wanted to say something that sounded more glamorous like “work at home mom” or “Etsy business owner”. 🙄
Then I immediately felt the shame for not owning my new title.
I AM raising our son in our home. We worked incredibly hard for years to set ourselves up for me to be able to do that. My husband reminded me to be proud of that. The time I spend crafting and sewing while he sleeps is great but attempting to raise a decent human being is our primary goal. I work harder now than I did at my stressful full time job. Being a stay at home parent is challenging, lonely, and rewarding all at the same time.

If you are one, I see you.
If you’re married to one, love them extra. 
If you know one, buy them coffee.
If you wish you could be one, you have my love.
If you work outside the home and feel like a full time parent when you get home, you are bad ass.

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