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Operation Surprise!

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

By now you know the things that are most important to me. As the daughter of a US Marine and holding that prestigious title myself, military service sits at the top of that list.

I also believe it’s important to make an impact in this world, in anyway we can. Those two facets of my life have come together with The Home Depot Foundation.

The Home Depot Foundation is on a mission to make a difference. They give back to veterans and celebrate selfless spirit all year long by serving senior, homeless and combat-wounded veterans through home renovations, repairs, and more. Since 2011 the Foundation has invested more than $315 million in veteran causes and improved more than 45,000 homes and facilities.

This year they are continuing that mission with Operation Surprise. We ask you to think of the military veterans in your life. Are there any that would benefit from any sort of repairs in their home? If so, The Home Depot Foundation wants to come in and take care of that for them.

I know who I’m gonna be nominating 😉

Visit to nominate a deserving veteran that we can surprise with $25,000 in home repairs.

If you think you don’t know any veterans, well you know me and that’s a start! While I am currently working on my own home projects and renovations, I know not everyone has the resources to do it themselves, so let’s come together to help those veterans that need it the most via the Operation Surprise contest!

The winner will be announced on Veterans Day.

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