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Chunky Crochet Baby Blanket – Tutorial

I am loving the mix of yellows and grays for a gender neutral baby collection.  This crocheted blanket compliments the Bumble Bee mary jane shoes and burp cloths.  I know I say it quite a bit but this project was super easy!  Looks amazing and complicated but it’s just a single crochet afghan using 3 strands of bulky yarn together.  I found the inspiration at Aesthetic Nest and there she used a beautiful combination of  pink and gold yarns.  There really is no right or wrong with this project.  I chose 3 different super soft yarns of varying bulkiness.  I did however pay attention to the care instructions on the yarn since I will be gifting it as a baby blanket and wanted to make washing easy.  This was probably one of my favorite blankets that I’ve worked on so far.  It worked up very quickly and was soooo soft and cozy on my lap. 

***UPDATE***  I forgot to mention how much yarn a project like this would take.  That depends on the yardage per skein used.  The yarn I used had about 200+ yards each, I used 3 skeins of each color, totalling 9 skeins.  It CAN be a lot of yarn, but to me it was worth it! 

For this yellow blanket,  I mixed Bernat Softee Baby Yarn with Caron Simply Soft.  Mixing different weights of yarn give this blanket great texture.  If you find something you like, don’t be afraid to try it out!


 Looks beautiful draped on a rocking chair or crib

Like I promised, this project is super easy and I have the pictures to prove it.  So grab some yarn and follow along!

I grabbed my size P hook (which is one of the larger crochet hooks I found at my local hobby store).  The white hook shown on the left is the P/10mm, the blue giant is a Q/15.75.  This is US hook sizes and I used this set pictured here.  Any jumbo sized hook can be used for this project!

crochet hook

I gathered 3 different collections of yarn I had lying around.  Since yarn weights may vary, gauge doesn’t really matter.  As long as the finished product is the size you desire for the blanket.  These pictures show a second blanket in white/blue/green.  This color combination was an accidental gem since I was just trying to use up yarn that had been left over from previous projects.  The green yarn is a bulky (5) and the other 2 are worsted (4).

Starting with all 3 yarns together, I chained until the length measured about 34″.  (Number of chains will vary depending on yarn being used)

locating the 2nd chain from the hook …


…work 1 single crochet into it

Then I continued with 1 single crochet into every chain until the end of the row.

Once at the end of the row, I turned and chained 1. 

Then continued with a single crochet in every chain.  Repeated until I got a good length for a baby blanket. 

This was my progress 6 rows in.  See how quickly it works up?

For any crochet beginners out there wanting to give this a try and are looking for some visual assistance with single crochet, I recommend trying YouTube.  There are some very helpful crochet videos out there!  Just search “single crochet” and follow along.

LOVE how this color combination turned out.  The end result is a thick and plush afghan that can be used as a blanket or even a crib mat to lay a baby on.  I also like it as a floor mat for tummy time!

I love these two projects and I can’t wait to gift them to new babies and deserving mommies.

358 thoughts on “Chunky Crochet Baby Blanket – Tutorial

    1. Hook size is completely up to you, gauge isn’t important here. As long as you can get your hook to work with the strands of yarn chosen that’s all that matters. If you’re yarns are thinner they might work perfect with a size K hook. Try just 2 strands of yarn if 3 chunky strands don’t cooperate. Hope that works!

  1. I love this tutorial and you’re right, it does seem “easy.” I do have a question: are we able to use three of the same type of yarn or is the purpose to have three different types? (Thick/bulk-wise).

    1. Hi! I’m sure using 3 of the same strands of yarn (whether different colors or the same) would result in a beautiful thick blanket. I used 3 different kinds to give texture and also to use the 3 different colors I wanted. I did make sure that all the yarn I chose was very soft yet durable since it was intended for a baby blanket. I hope whatever you choose comes out beautifully!

  2. Hi – just want to make sure but did you essentially single crochet the entire blanket? It’s a great look and I want to make one now! I’m no good with creating based on a photo though and need to follow a pattern to the last stitch. 🙂

    1. Hi! Thanks for asking and wanting to get started on a project, how exciting! Yes, this was single crochet for the entire blanket. With the bulkiness of the yarns used, it works up really fast. The use of 1 stitch thru out made it very very easy, I dread counting stitches especially on such large project. If find a pattern or tutorial for a single crochet swatch, you could reference that! That’s basically all this blanket is… A large single crochet swatch using multiple strands of yarn. Happy crocheting!

  3. Okay, so I’m working on mine based off of this and I think I need to experiment more with different types of yarn as well as a larger hook because I really don’t like how thick it is. It just doesn’t feel soft at all. It feels more like a rug. But I’m gonna continue it because it is gorgeous and would look great in my baby’s room. 🙂 I truly love this though. It’s beautiful and I hope I can figure out what works for me. 🙂

    1. I’m sorry its not as soft as you were hoping to get it! I had the same dilemna the first time I tried this with some left over yarn I had. That project ended up being perfect for a baby rug/tummy time mat. Even tho it was a little stiffer, it was durable and cushion-y. So my second go at the chunky blanket I made sure to use super soft yarns and crochet loosely and I got exactly what I was looking for.

      1. That’s what I figured it was. I really can’t wait to get some softer yarn to do this. And I think that the tummy rug is exactly what I’m gonna turn the one I’m working on into.

    1. Materials depend on the desired size of the blanket. I used about 3 skeins for each color, totaling 9 skeins. Each skein was close to 200 yards each. It’s all customizable, play with ideas. 🙂

  4. Love this! I am so making one for my baby boy to be born soon! Do you have a brand or two of yarn you would recommend for being soft? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi! Glad you like this. Im not a yarn expert or anything so when looking for a soft and durable yarn I stuck mostly to the baby yarn section at Michael’s/Joann’s. Those seem to be super soft and most are washable. I like to use Lion Brand Baby’s First Yarn (bulky) mixed with Bernat Softee Baby Yarn or Caron Simply Soft (worsted). I like the texture that using 1 bulky weight yarn and 2 worsted weight yarns gives to this project. If you find something you like, don’t be afraid to try it out!

  5. Hi there, do you know what size a P hook is? I’ve tried to find one and can only find them in millimetres not letters?

    Thanks x

      1. Hello I love this pattern. You said a P is a 10mm but I have a N hook and it says that is 10mm. Is that the size I should use

      2. Hi there! The crochet hook which is pictured in this tutorial is from an American brand, the size might vary depending on manufacturer and country =) Feel free to use whichever hook you are able to find!

  6. I found this on Pinterest and am so thrilled! I love, love, love the look of chunky blankets. And if it takes less time to work up, I’m in. Can’t wait to try it! 🙂

    1. The best part of this project is not having to count stitches. You can make it to whatever dimensions you are looking to have in a final product. My goal was 36″ x 36″. I worked up my first row of single crotchets to measure 36″ and then repeated each row from there. It wasn’t so much the number of sc I was concerned about as I was the measured length. The yarn used can change the number of stitches per row. Hope that answers your questions.

    1. I crochet a huge one for my husband (in his fave colors) and he LOVES IT! The only thing is it is HEAVY, but he loves it anyway.

  7. Hi, I’ve just started to make this blanket this evening, it’s my first time crocheting, think I’m going slightly wrong because its curling, is this beacuse I’m pulling it too tight…

    1. Ohhh I’m so sorry it’s doing that. It might be that you are crocheting a bit too tight. If you can’t loosen up your tension, maybe try a larger hook? I know the hook is probably already quite large but your blanket might not turn out as soft and cuddly as you expect if it already feels stiff.

  8. Found you on Pinterest and love this blanket. Do you by any chance remember the brand/color of the yellow and grey yarns you used? A friend of mine is using those colors for her nursery (along with a light blue) so this would be perfect. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi! I’m sorry I thought I mentioned the types of yarns in the post somewhere. I mentioned to another reader, I stuck with some of the baby yarn because those seem to be super soft and most are washable. I like to use Lion Brand Baby’s First Yarn (bulky) mixed with Bernat Softee Baby Yarn or Caron Simply Soft (worsted). I like the texture of using 1 bulky weight yarn and 2 worsted weight yarns. But ANY weight of yarn will do, so if you find a color you like, try it out!

    1. I was also wondering the same thing, but I found some Lion Brand Baby’s First yarn in Honey Bee. Caron Simply Soft yarn in Coconut. And Bernat Softee Baby Solid yarn in Flannel. The Bernat Softee baby yarn is weight 3 instead of 4, but I think it will be sufficient. So basically I’m using three different brands, but they are all baby soft yarns. 🙂 Hope this helps you!

  9. I’ve never done crochet before and I’ve started with this. I’m struggling to keep the blanket edges parallel. It keeps getting narrower the more I do. Help?!

    1. Ohhhhhh!!! That’s not fun! I’ve been at it for a couple years now and am finally getting the hang of all the basic stitches. The blanket is basically a giant single crochet swatch. I’m guessing you might not be chaining 1 at the end of each row before turning. That could cause a lose of a stitch and make that narrowing effect you mentioned. In single crochet, a chain of 1 is required before starting the first single crochet of the next row. I really hope that’s not confusing and helps. You could also try YouTube, single crochet and there are a ton if helpful videos out there! Keep me updated!

      1. Thank you so much. I started again and it’s looking much better. It’s staying square for a start. I found by watching the videos on you tube that I hadn’t been going through both parts of the V when I was doing the single crochets. I was only going through the front one. So I’ve rectified that too.
        I used grey, dark pink and a baby pink with some sparkle to it. Looks really nice, hope my baby niece likes it too!

  10. I have to say you have the patience of Job, you are so kind to answer everyones questions, thankyou for taking your time to show the rest of us, my daughter is expecting our first grandbaby in July, and I am going to make this beautiful blanket, thankyou and God bless you for putting a smile on my face….

  11. do you have a video on how to do this? i tried just looking at what you gave and the pictures but when i do it, it doesn’t turn out the same.

    1. Hi! Unfortunately I don’t have a video, but just as I mentioned to another crocheter, YouTube has some great crochet videos. Just search ‘single crochet’ and follow along. This blanket is just one giant single crochet swatch. Hope that helps!

  12. Just completed this blanket and want to thank you so much for posting the directions. It did come out a bit thicker, but very soft and cuddly! And so easy. Already planning on making another one for me!

  13. Thank you for your posting on Pinterest! I look forward to getting started on making my grandson a baby blanket!

  14. I found your picture on Pintrest and I am so glad I did! I love chunky blankets and had been trying to figure out a cute chunky crochet pattern. I am making my sister one of these as a wedding present using her wedding colors, purple and orange. I also chose a cream/white color. I am using a Red Heart Super Saver skein (orange), a Caron Simply Soft worsted skein (purple), and a Bernat baby blanket skein (cream/white). So far it’s turning out really good, I love how the colors are mixed together and not in straight line groups, kind of like a marbled effect! The Bernat Baby Blanket is making the whole thing super soft and adds flexibilty to the whole thing making it not so stiff. About how many skeins of each color did you end up using? I ran out of one and need to buy more, but don’t want to buy a ton of extra. After I finish this one I am going to make one for my 6 month old son in blue, orange, and either charcoal or light gray. Very excited!!
    Thank you for posting this great idea!!

    1. Hi! I’m so glad you’re project is coming out beautifully!! For the yarns I chose for my project, I used about 3 of each color … For a total of 9 skeins. I had a few yards left over of 2 colors and totally used the 3rd. So I guess it depends on the yarn you used and how many yards are in each skein. I was bummed that the amount of yarn needed can make this a pricey project, but it really is a durable blanket that will last a lifetime. Now I’m contemplating copying your color combinations! They sound amazing!!

  15. Hi! I love your blanket and was hoping to give it a try however I’m wondering how you added more yarn once it runs out?? Do you add your yarn like usual and weave in your ends? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi! Each color I used ended at a different time which meant I had to add another skein at random intervals. To answer your question, the new skein can be added as you wish and the ends weaved in. I’ve seen some crocheters choose to just tie the 2 ends of yarn together and keep going. Totally up to you how you want to add your skeins 🙂

      1. When I add a new skein of the same color, I crochet over some of the new strand before running out of the old, then pick up the new and crochet over the old. This is working great for me..

  16. These blankets are great – I made one using 4 strands of Red Heart – for my brother for his Queen size bed – its heavy for sure but so warm and soft – Have to take it to a commercial laundry but it washes and drys well – thanks for your posts and instructions – i am new to these pages but I am loving it!

  17. I saw this on pinterest and have begun one myself. Only I did a row of single crochet then a row of double crochet and it is turning out nice. Thanks for the idea!

  18. It’s is simply gorgeous…..
    I picked up three colours this morning….but didn’t realize till I got home that you used chunky yarn…..mine is a super soft worsted weight yarn….and I accidentally bought the 9mm hook rather than them10mm….do you think I’ll get similar results even though all three balls are worsted weight?
    Thank you

    1. Don’t worry about the yarn weights and hook size! I’m sure you will still get an amazing result!! The fact that you will be working with a lighter than chunky weight yarn and your hook is a tad bit smaller too, might work out perfect!

      1. Thank you so much for getting back to me! I started my blanket last night and love it so far…..I’m making mine to be a nice size for an adult to use on the couch….five ft. Long….fairly wide…
        I estimate it’s going to take 32 balls of yarn….and cost about 120 dollars…if I get it on sale!!!
        But so worth it!

  19. Just finished making one for my sweet doggie. He LOVES it! Snuggled up and sound asleep. Thank you for you pin

  20. I just love this blanket! This is my 2nd crochet project and I’m making a blanket for a new baby in the family. I’m using teal, heather grey, and apple green – bright and pretty! I have one question – how do you finish the blanket? Is there a row of stitches other than sc?

  21. I love the tutorial for this baby blanket! Super excited to start one..just many things of yarn did u use for each color?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so much! The amount of skeins depends on how many yards in each one. With skeins that had about 200 yards each, I used 3 of each color… Totaling about 9 skeins.

  22. I just want to say thank you for the idea of doing a blanket like this. I made a throw for one of my sons. It turned out great. I used 3 yarns of the red heart worsted weight yarns. I used the treble crochet throughout the whole blanket and because I did that it turned out pliable instead of stiff. I tried the single crochet but because of the type of yarn it was to thick and stiff so i modified it. I am going to get some of the baby yarn and make one I can’t wait.

  23. I have been making these for years. I use the crochet hook, Q. Buy them at Walmart or hobby lobby. They are usually blue plastic.

  24. So I used this as my first crochet project, and it’s working out great, but I can’t seem to keep my side straight.. They keep angling inwards, I’m worried by the time im finished it will end up a triangle rather than a square. Can you help me figure out where exactly my last stitch is, or how to fix this problem. I’m doing a single stitch, with three yarns.

    1. Hi! I suspect you might not be chaining 1 at the beginning of every row. That could cause ‘triangle’ effect with a loss of a stitch in every row. It’s basically a giant single crochet swatch so you could follow any pattern for that. YouTube is very helpful!

  25. Hey there i just started this today after finding it on Pinterest, my yarn is quite stiff. Do you think it would soften up after washing it a few times? This is the first time i have. Ever made a blanket

    1. Hi! If you’re using a stiffer yarn you could always try using a larger crochet hook or even try a half double crochet instead of the single crochet. Washing will soften it but if you really want a looser feel, you will need to adjust somehow. I hope it turns out like you want !

  26. Hi! I found your Chunky Crochet Baby Blanket in Pinterest few days ago and I thought it was amazing and I was thinking about to start new project so I end up to tempt to go to Michael’s and bought P size crochet hook today and I started to crochet this afternoon with three strands of three different colors. I was amazed that it is very easy to do that because I have never tried three strands to crochet in my life… I never thought of it so now I really love it and enjoy it very much. I am sure that I will do some more when I am done with the first ones. Thank you so much for sharing with us! 🙂

  27. Hi! I found Chunky Crochet Baby Blanket in Pinterest few days ago and I thought it was amazing. I was thinking to start a new project so I end up to tempt to go to Michael’s today to buy P size crochet hook. I started to crochet with three strands of three different colors this afternoon and I was amazed that it is very easy because I have never tried three strands to crochet a blanket in my life. I never thought of it but I really love it very much and also enjoy it very much… I am sure I will do some more when I am done with first ones… Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

  28. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this tutorial!! I had three colors of yarn 4 skeins of each and whipped this blanket in no time and it’s so thick and cozy!! Never would have thought of it!! Thanks again!!

  29. Thanks so much for your photos. I am making one as a baby gift. Did you finish off the edges after you reached the finished size?

  30. I saw this on pinterest last night & had to try it. I have a cousin & my best friend from high school, who are both expecting their first blessings. I will post pics as soon as they are completed.

  31. About how much yarn will this take? I want to use Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn in gray and yellow, and do it in stripes. How many skeins do you think it will use? Did you only use the three balls you have pictured there?
    I love this pattern. I wanted to make a thick baby blanket, because the baby is due in August, so a thicker blanket will be needed in the winter months.
    Thank you so much for this pattern! It’s beautiful. I’m excited to make a blanket now!

    1. Hi! So glad you’re going to make one of these lovely blankets. How many yards are in a skein of the yarn you are wanting to use? I used about 3 skeins of each color totalling 9, and each skein had a little over 200 yards. It can be A LOT of yarn, but to me it was totally worth it! Also, any weigh of yarn will do! Doesnt have to be worsted, as long as its soft.

  32. I love the look of this blanket. I am using 3 worsted weight and it is coming out very pretty. I know this is probably a stupid question but after the foundation row when moving up to row 2 do you do your single crochet in the front loop or through both loops? Thanks!

    1. 🙂 good question! I did every row of single crochet into both loops. The weight of the blanket might be better held this way. However, doing back loop only or some variation of it could give a nice detail to the look of the blanket. Wouldn’t hurt to experiment!

  33. This is so cute! I found that when it started to get narrower, it was because I wasn’t doing the last stitch on each row. I was turning one stitch too soon! Perfect now.

  34. Your blankets are beautiful! and I love the different color schemes listed on this post. Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice & answers. You have been so helpful! I can’t wait to get started.

    1. When you have enough yarn of one color left to make 1 1/2 – 2 stitches with Take the new strand of yarn and crochet as usual (So you will be using 4 strands for at least 1 1/2 to 2 stitches) Works very well and holds up just as well as knotting without showing big bulky knots or frayed out ends. Im not sure if this is what everyone does but it was how I was taught and it works great for me 🙂

  35. I am doing my stitches through both loops and finding it difficult to do so. I have tried doing extremely loose and it still seems like I am doing something wrong. As easy as you say it is and as fast as others have made it sound I feel I am having to put a lot more effort into then needed… I crochet often and my fingers are cramping from working the yarn to push through… please some advice?

    1. Awww! I’m sorry it feels that way. I did the whole thing using both loops when doing the single crochet. I admit it can be a little tiring on the hands especially since using so much material. I wouldn’t be quick to say you are doing it incorrectly. Try doing it loose if thats what is comfortable to you, and do not worry about it turning out “wrong”. There is almost no right or wrong with this project. Hope that helps!

  36. Excellent pattern and so simple!! I made a baby blanket in one day using 3 strands of a single color per mom to be’s request and it turned out great!! She loves it!! I am now in the process of making myself a blanket for the living room using sage green, yellow and cream colors 🙂 It too is working up very quickly and nicely! Thank you for this pattern 🙂

  37. Can you really make a crib size blanket in 3 hours? I know you used 9 hanks of yarn but someone said she used 32 balls am I missing something? What is the difference?

    1. The amount of material depends on the yardage of each skein used which can vary anywhere between 90 yards-200+. I used skeins holding 200+ yards. Also depends on how big you want the blanket, I made a baby blanket. It can all be up to you 🙂

  38. really love the look of this blanket and I have just started crocheting and still getting the hang of it. my problem is that it has holes unlike yours. Could it be that my needle is too thick? thanks

    1. Hi there! So glad you are trying out the blanket. Do you mean holes like large gaps? How many strands of yarn are you using? If the blanket is still turning out in a way that you like, then don’t worry too much about it =) It is possible that the needle is too large but I would think that would only make it softer and not so tight/dense. You could try using a smaller hook and compare the textures to see which you like best. I really hope that helps!

  39. I have made several blankets with the large hook on the right of your sample, but used only 2 colors. The blankets were very popular, as made them in my kids’ school colors, they worked great for baseball or football games. They are also very poplular at my bunko group Christmas party – we play dirty Santa. I have done one the past 3 years, and the ladies who haven’t received one, sure keep track of those that have, so somebody doesn’t get two! I use 6 skeins (for an adult size) and then most of 2 skeins for an accent color around the edges. Using more than one skein and the large hook makes it work up very quickly.

    1. For your adult size blanket, what were the dimensions? I’m looking into making one for my boyfriend, but he’s 6’2″ and I want it to fit him! Not sure how much yarn I’ll need to tackle a project like this with your two color method.

      1. Wow a blanket that size world probably require lots and lots of yarn. If your ok with what the cost of something like that could be I’m sure it could be done in no time! The dimensions could be totally up to you. Atleast make it as wide as a twin (66 inch) and you can lengthen or shorten the length as you go. A traditional blanket can go all the way to 90 inches. Good luck!

  40. Hey there,
    I love this and it’s GORGEOUS but I’m just a little confused by the directions. Sorry if you’ve already answered this, but I gave up searching through the comments =P

    After chaining and then single crocheting through the chain did you just continue doing that until the end? Because you mentioned multiple chains and I’m just not certain when they come into play? I haven’t ever crocheted something that you chain the vertical and horizontal lines.

    Thanks a bunch!!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. To answer your question, yes it’s just single crochet thru ought the entire thing. The chains mentioned are meant for the beginning of each row. When single crocheting anything, at the start of a new row, a chain 1 is necessary in order to keep the same amount of stitches across. With out the chain 1 at the beginning, it’s possible to lose a stitch with every row. I hope this answers your question! 🙂

      1. Aha; I suppose this is a bit of a “duh” moment for me =P For some reason I’d read it thinking you were saying to chain another row. Thank you for your patience with my silly mistake!!

      2. You’re so sweet!! No question is too silly. I often find myself having Aha moments when trying a pattern for the bazillionth time 🙂

  41. Love this pattern, thanks for sharing it. Because I crochet tight my first try seemed more like a rug, so I used the larger needle (Q) and it turned out great. Also only used 6 skeins instead of 9 and had a blanket approximately 3′ x 5′.

  42. I have made several blankets like this, it is so fun and easy. To change things up a bit I still use 3 strands but I use variegated yarn, it adds a whole new flare to the pattern.

  43. I found this on pinterest and made one for my new niece! It ia becoming great, i changed the colors every 10 rows. Well, every 10 rows i changed the order. So two white and one pink, or one white, one purple and one pink. Soo cute. Thank for this idea.

  44. No matter what I do, mine is turning into bacon. With each row I do, no matter how loose I try to keep the stitches it just keeps getting tighter. I keep pulling it out and doing it over and I just don’t know what to do. I just want a straight flat blanket!

    1. Ohhhh! I’m so sorry to hear that. What type of yarn weight are you using! If you’re using all worsted (4) or larger for all 3 yarns it might be a little too thick, making it too right. I use a variety of yarn sizes to help keep that from happening. Also, using an even larger hook will definitely solve your problem. Hope that helps!

      1. Oh I feel so stupid asking another question. Can you tell me on the blue yellow baby blanket you said you used softee baby yarn and caron simply soft yarn. which one did you use two strands of? Does that make sense. I am going to buy the yarn tomorrow and I just wondered if you used 2 strands of softer or 2 strands of simply soft.

        thank you for always answering my questions. Sharon

      2. Don’t be silly! 🙂 I enjoy the questions. Honestly, using either of the 2 brands as a 3rd strand will work great. The Caron will probably make the blanket softer. AND the Caron will probable give you more yardage 🙂

      3. I started completely over with 3 new kinds of yarns, a jumbo Q sized hook and WOW what a difference! The blanket is turning out gorgeous and I couldn’t be more proud of it. It’s going to make the perfect baby shower gift for my friend! I also took your suggestion in another post to watch youtube and it turns out I was doing the single crochet slightly wrong. Thanks for the great idea and the help!!! I will be making many more of these 🙂

  45. I am in the middle of making of BIG one of these! My husband is 6’6 and he wants one he can curl up in! So far its about 5 feet and i keep going! My question is he wants an edging to it, using 2 strands. For the 3 strand part I am using the Q hook and for the 2 strand part I was thinking of using the N hook. But what stitch would you or do recommend to do for an edging if you were to do one. I am newer to crocheting so I want an easier stitch but one that would add a bit more to it! Any ideas? Thanks in advanced!

    1. Hi!! I’m so happy you’re making an adult blanket version! For a sinple edging, you could always just single crochet around with the 2 strands of yarn you choose. That is keeping it simple and finishing it well. If you were looking for something a little more fancy, maybe a half double crochet or even a more intricate “edging” stitch. If you google “crochet edging” you will see soooo many that can be applied to a blanket. I don’t really do too many edges, I leave it as is but I’m sure the blanket would look gorgeous with one!

  46. I’m wondering how you got such a straight edge? Can you explain how your turning chains work, did you use them as your first stitch in the row? I really love this pattern! I made it for a friend, but the edges turned out very wavy.. 🙁

    1. I’m so sorry your edges turned out wavy =( I’m not quite sure without looking at the project as to why it might have turned out that way. Maybe it has to do with the turning chain? Each chain 1 at the beginning of each row was not used as the first stitch in each row, but was only crocheted into at the END of the row. So “crochet until the end of the row” means go all the way across all single crochets including the chain 1 from the previous row which should be the very last stitch. I know might be clear as mud, I’m so sorry but hope some of that helps!

    2. Sometimes when mine turn out wavy on different patterns, I go all the way around the item with single crochet or reverse crochet stitch. It helps even it out and give it a great finished look!

  47. I love this! I’ve used it now for a couple different baby blankets. This is a great pattern to use with Pipsqueak yarn because it is easy to see your stitches. I was wondering though, about how many skeins would I need of each color if I want to do a large adult afghan? My mom wants one now! 🙂

    1. Hi! I’m loving this stitch just as much. Honestly, I have not tried to tackle this in an adult size so I’m not quite sure how many skeins /yards of yarn it would take. I normally use atleast 3 of one color (200+ yards each skein), and adult blanket would take atleast twice that I’m assuming. I might have to try it out one day I find out! I’m sorry I don’t have the technical answer to your question, maybe some one else who has already done so will see this and chime in. 🙂

  48. Ok, I am a knitter, and have never tried crochet. My sister says it’s easy, but I’m a little hesitant. Trouble is, I love this blanket, and if I could make her a baby blanket like yours for her almost-born little girl, she would probably be pretty impressed! Think I could manage?

    1. Of course you could!! If you need step by step visual help, you could always YouTube “single crochet”, follow the instructions for a simple single crochet swatch using 2-3 strands of yarn so you can make a chunky blanket! You will be surprised how easy it will be to do and your sister will love it!

  49. I have been making this baby blanket for years. Every time I give it to someone, they love it. I use a reverse crochet edging to give it a beautiful finished edge.

  50. Thanks for the great tutorial! I used thigh pattern with some scrap yarn and made a 20×20 trivet. Think I need at least one more before I start the baby blanket, which is okay as my first grand niece or nephew doesn’t arrive till December!!!

  51. Thanks for this! My first grandchild is on the way I and made him/her this blanket in turquoise, fern green and white, and it is so pretty and cozy I can’t wait to surprise my daughter with it! Our January baby will be snuggled up and warm in this blanket, so thick and soft it may still be around for my first great-grandchild.

  52. Hi! The largest crochet hook I have is a N, do you think tat will work? I’m not very patient and just can’t wait to go get a P hook!

    1. Hi! If you want to go ahead and get started with a size N hook you definitely can, you just might wanna use 2 strands of yarn instead of 3. Not sure if you would be able to easily work with 3 using that size hook, plus it might be a little too tight of a stitch that way. Never hurts to try tho!!

  53. Oh how I LOVE this! I’m starting today! How big did the finished product end up being? You said you chained until 34″ so is it just a square? 34″x34″?

  54. Great tutorial! These blankets have been my biggest sellers for years, I love them! I just finished a request for grey, yellow, and white as well 🙂 The largest I have made so far was 5 feet by 7 feet as a Christmas gift, that’s a whole lotta Red Heart! Keep up the good work!

  55. This is my very first crochet project and I LOVE it – thank you for the super simple directions! As some other commenters mentioned, I too am getting the wavy bacon look on the edge (i’m only 3 rows in). I feel like I’m crocheting pretty loosely, but perhaps my stitches are still a bit too tight. I feel like if i loosen up too much there will be holes or gaps in between the stitches. I’m using the white hook from the set in your photo, but also have the blue hook. Would switching hooks at this point (3 rows in) make the blanket look funky? Should I persevere with the white hook, undo everything and switch to the blue hook, or just go ahead and switch to the blue hook even though I’ve already done a few rows?

    1. I’m glad you like the project so much!! I’m sorry you’re getting the infamous wavy edge. I’m no expert on how to solve that honestly. I would say continue with the white hook and see if with the weight of the blanket the edge straightens out. Starting over at this point wouldn’t be too fun. If anything, you could add an all around edging to the blanket once complete! Hope it goes well!!

  56. Hello,
    I just had to make this blanket, adult size! However I think I have totally underestimated just how many balls of wool it will use!
    Ive done the chain a bit long, so it will become the length. Its about 2 meters!! Im using the no 8 hook and as my wool is graduated from thin to thick,so only using 2 together. They are 50g balls but only approx 50metres in length.
    So far Ive already used 4 balls and only have about 2.5 – 3 inches of work, does that sound right??

    Holy moly, at this rate its going to be an expensive blanket! Do you think I should start again??


    1. Hi! wow sounds like you do have your work cut out for you!! with the smaller balls of yarn you are using I think you will end up needing a LOT of them. I love your idea about using the graduated wool! This is a great project but it does take a lot of material and can get pricey =(

  57. Hi, I’m a total newbie at crochet but I love the look of this blanket, and with a friend’s baby on the way I thought I’d give it a try. I’m really enjoying the ease of the stitch but my problem is that no matter how loosely or tightly I crochet I’m getting holes/gaps in between the stitches.

    I’m using two yarns with recommended knitting needle size 4mm/US6 (no crochet size recommendation) and one yarn with recommended crochet hook size 6mm/J10US. My mum had a 7mm hook which I borrowed, but could that be too small for my yarns combined? Would a larger hook size eliminate the gaps?

    Many thanks for any advice!!!

    1. Thank you for the message! I am trying to picture the various results that could happen with the hooks you mentioned. Are you doing a UK or US single crochet? I am no expert on the subject what so ever, and unfortunately have not experienced the gaps in between the stitches that some have mentioned. I have found that when using 3 strands of yarn some of the best results come from the larger the hook. Did you try using just 2 strands of yarn maybe with J10us hook to see if you got the same result? I hope we can find a reason to why this is happening.
      If anyone else sees this and has some ideas, please let us know!

  58. I’ve already made one blanket for a friend who is having a baby and with wonderful results. Now I’m making a King sized blanket for my bed. This project is going to cost a fortune but Its so pretty I don’t even mind 🙂 I’m using 3 different sizes of yarn. A fine wine purple colored yarn with tiny sequins woven into it to give it a subtle shimmer (about every 6 inches), a medium yarn that is a rainbow of 4 shades of purples and a super bulky yarn in deep purple. It is so incredibly gorgeous! I am totally hooked on this project. It’s so quick and easy! Thanks again for the tutorial 🙂

  59. I’m making this blanket for a friend but instead of doing single crochet, I’m doing half double crochet which makes my rows a little bigger and it still is a nice chunky blanket! And I am using the same exact colors you used in the picture because it’s perfect for a baby that is going to be a surprise! 🙂

  60. Hello,

    I am currently doing one of these (larger sized) for my grandmother in red, black and white DK (I’m from the Uk). Now my question is how did you join the new yarns onto the already crocheted?? Did you tie them together and continue or did you use a slip knot to attach and then continue??

    It’s looking brilliant already and I’m hoping to complete within the next few days.

    1. Hello! To answer your question, when I first started making these I would tie the ends of a new skein to the old one and kept going. I weave my ends in as I go to hide em. It’s not the fancy way to do it, and any way will work honestly. So whichever way works for you I say go with it! 🙂

  61. Hello! I am on my second crochet project ever and love this blanket so I want to give it a try!
    Could I use 2 strands of yard (4) each on a P hook? The yarn changes colors so I dont want two many colors going on at once if that makes sense.

    Thank you!

  62. I just got yarn and P, Q hooks….looking forward to starting this project. It’s for my 5 year old son and will be orange, navy, and tan. I hope it turns out well.

  63. How do you add more yarn when it runs out?? I’m about to start on this & see how it turns out. Thanks for the directions!!

    1. Thank you! There are a few ways to add a skein of yarn. Easiest would be to simply tie one end of yarn to the other and crochet it in as a continuous strand. (Not fancy way but it works!, Especially when using so many at one time). You could always YouTube ways to start a new skein, I’ve found that to be quite helpful for crochet techniques. Hope that little bit helps!

  64. I have attempted a few projects but come up with the same problem. When working the sc’s do you go in between the below sc’s or do you go into the actual top of a sc?

  65. I have been trying to make this blanket beginning with the first chain to measure 34 inches. When I crochet a couple of rows and again measure I have gained 2 inches in length. I have already crocheted this once and was almost finished and looked at it and measured it and it was over 40 inches wide so I took it all apart. Is it supposed to measure 34 inches after you crochet each row? If so, what am I doing wrong? I have crocheted tight and loose with the same results. Please help.

    1. I’m sorry your blanket is giving you trouble! Is your very first row still at 34 and then as you go the blanket gets wider? It is possible you could be adding a stitch every row which could cause an increase, almost like a slight triangle edge. Try counting your single crochet stitches in first row and as you crochet, maintain the same # of stitches per row. That will guarantee you are not accidentally increasing. Hope that helps!

  66. I haven’t picked up a Crotchet hook for about 25 years and the sudden revival of Crotchet had me trawling through patterns trying to find something I wanted to make. I was getting frustrated and depressed by all the complicated stitches and (yes I’m going to say it) stupid granny squares (I am not a fan).
    Finally I came across yours and this morning I woke up and decided a trip to the shop is in order because I must make this, now!
    I had forgotten how beautifu sc things can be.
    Thank you for reviving my love of Crotchet!
    Now off to the shops I go

  67. I’m wondering if you have a post on the basics of crocheting? I found your chunky baby blanket post and would love to make one for my kids but I have no idea how to start.

    1. I have yet to post a basics on crocheting. I will definitely make one up! In the meantime there are many resources online that could help you get started. YouTube has great basic videos. I’ve learned a lot from there. Simply do a search for ‘single crochet’ and you will be amazed at how many tutorials there are on YouTube. Hope that helps for now!

  68. A picture is truly worth a thousand words and when I saw the beautiful baby blanket you made on Pinterest…well, you had me hooked. Then I followed you here & read ever word you wrote/typed, then followed your suggestions to the letter. This was yesterday & today I have you to thank 100% for the outcome of the receiving blanket I finished just a few moments ago, as a gift.

    I was already quite grateful to you, Monica & then I read your story…words fail me now as I am overwhelmed with sympathy, awe in God’s grace & your profound ability to share anything, let alone the many gifts you have shared with us all here. Not the least of which is your profound generosity with your knowledge & extraordinary patience.

    There is also the unreal coincidence of some of your personal story which leads me to believe that I was meant to follow you on Pinterest in more ways than one.

    Thank you very much.
    Many blessing to you!

    1. I am blown away at your response to my posts. Your words are so kind and bring me a great deal of comfort. We forget the effect our small marks on this world can actually have, especially on others. I never thought anyone would follow me or take my crafting advice, I was just writing for myself. I am happy that my words have found their way to you. I hope you enjoy the snippets of my world and grow with me on this journey 🙂

  69. holaaa…preciosa mantita …ya tengo ganas de comenzar una para mi nietecito que nacera en Febrero.gracias amiga por esplicarlo tan claro…
    un abrazooo

  70. When finished did you go back and finish the edges or leave as is?? So excited to make this for my bay on the way!!

  71. Hi,
    say it on pinterest and tried with pink, purple and burdungy for my daughter. Loved the result but, I think I should make edging but I can’t decide what to do, any suggestions?
    Thanks for the tutorial btw.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much. I’m glad the blanket is perfect for you. For an edging, I would suggest something simple due to the bulkiness created by the strands. Maybe even a single crochet or half double crochet all the way around. That will clean it up nicely around the edges!

  72. HI! I also found this on Pinterest and was immediately inspired! Now I’m making a blanket similar to yours, with two strands of yarn instead of three and it’s turning out beautifully. I hadn’t crocheted in a very very long time and had almost forgotten how much I love it! So thank you for this inspiring blog and thanks for reminding me of my passion! 🙂

  73. Hi! I just wanted to stop by and say that I love this blanket. I had pinned it months ago. In April I found out I was pregnant and I started this blanket in June. I tend to take awhile with my projects (stop for months at a time), so I’m still working on in it (baby is due in 2 weeks). 😀 I just wanted to say that I love it and it’s so thick and warm. I made my starting chain way to big so this blanket isn’t so much a “baby” blanket but rather a good snuggling blanket for the both of us when the time comes. I like to make my “baby” blankets extra large so the child can grow with it and use it for years. I’m even making it in yellow/gray/white and it’s beautiful. 🙂

  74. Thank you so much for the information on this posts and
    responding to everyone’s questions on here. I have found all the
    questions that I had at first the answers are in the posts. I love
    to Crochet and I am pregnant with my 4th child, and 1st boy. So I
    am SO excited to make this for him. All of my daughters have chosen
    their colors for me to make one for each of them!!! Thank you

  75. I have a question, I’m faily new at crocheting, but I love doing this in my spare time, it’s relaxing. I’m still a little new to the lingo, basically can only do a single, and double crochet. When you got to the end of your second row did you have to make and extra crochet at the end of each chain so that the blanket would be even?

    1. Hi! Love hearing about fellow beginner crocheters. To answer your question, yes you will need an extra single crochet at the end of each row, or “chain 1” as patterns usually call it. You are correct in that will help keep the stitches in blanket even.

  76. Thank you for this! I started the blanket last night and it is about halfway done. As someone new to crocheting this is something different but easy for me to make!!! Love it!!

  77. HI! I LOVE this blanket! I’m gonna do one for my friend, who is expecting a baby.

    Quick question, do you think it would also work with 3 sport (weight 3) yarn? Should I use a smaller hook? I found three colors that i absolutely love and i would like to use them for the project, but i’m afraid the blanket won’t be thick. What do you think?

    And thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Hi! That’s a great idea to use a smaller weight yarn! Using a smaller hook would probably be best so that the stitches aren’t too loose or large. Try just going one size hook down. That should work well. To be honest, using the medium weight yarn makes the blanket pretty thick and heavy, so lightening the yarn weight up a little bit might make it exactly what your looking for. Good luck!! Hope that helps.

  78. Thank you for your patience and kindness with sharing this project. I am convalescing and was looking for an easy but lovely crochet project for a beginner.
    I’m starting today. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Of course a larger adult sized blanket could be made! Just keep in mind it will take up more yarn and could get a little pricey depending on the type of materials you decide to use. Typically a twin size blanket ranges from 60″ x 84″ to 72″ x 90″ depending on how much drop you want on the sides. Good luck!

  79. My 28 year old daughter sent me this pin…..I think she is hinting at me to finally get her blanket done! LOL. It’s a beautiful blanket that is so versatile. You can make it any size you want…..that’s the beauty of this pattern. I once made my mom a larger than King size afghan using a single strand of yarn and a double crochet throughout. She still has it and it did turn out beautifully!

  80. Your blanket inspired me to start one for my little one! I am using the same size yarn/hook you used … So far so good! You are a saint for responding to all the questions/comments! Thanks for a great tutorial!

  81. Love his pattern. I’m a new crocheter. I have done a baby hat and that’s about it. I really wanted to make a baby blanket for my baby who is due in 3 weeks but didn’t know where to start. Found this started last night and so far love it! Love the softness and thickness and it’s so easy!

  82. Love the blanket! I just made this in hot pink, white, and black. I used a Q hook and did double crochets. 🙂

  83. Hi! I love this blanket and have started making one myself…my only problem is that the three yarns twist so often that I have to stop and untangle…do you know how to stop this? This is my first project and so far it’s going well…just having an issue with the twisting! Anything you can suggest?


    1. Hi there! I’m glad you’re working on your blanket! I was able to keep the strands of yarn from tangling by placing the skeins somewhere where they wouldn’t move around too much as I pulled the yarn to work with. Keeping all 3 in a small bag is a good method to do this. Hope that helps!

  84. I just wanted to say that you HAVE to be the most patient person on the face of this earth! It takes a special person to answer the same questions over and over and over again! Kudos to you! You deserve a Nobel Peace Prize! Lol! This is absolutely the most gorgeous blanket I have ever seen. My three month old has discovered her hands and it obsessed with holding on to her soft blankets, so I’ve been looking for an idea for one to make for her that would have some sentiment to it rather than just a store bought blanket and this Is simply perfect. And your baby sets with the flannel blankets with crocheted edges and matching burp cloths and crocheted blankets are simply breathtaking! I hate to ask ANOTHER question, but have you ever sold the sets, and if so, how much did you charge, or would charge for them?

    1. Thank you sooo much for that =)

      I have sold sets of the crocheted edge flannel blankets for $20 (set of 2 simple blankets or $20 for 1 double layered blanket). I’ve also combined the flannel blankets with some burp cloths (set of 3) to match for $35 total. I usually wait for the custom requests for the blankets as I like to use specific colors or patterns.

  85. I just came across this project and I am very excited to start it I have a close friend who is having a baby boy soon 🙂 My question is did you do anything special for a border around the blanket? Or does it just work out without doing anything extra? Thank you!! 🙂

    1. Hi! I did not finish the edge with any special stitch but there are others who have done so and it looks great. It works out so you don’t HAVE to and it saves on yarn 🙂

  86. Hello,

    I love your blanket. Question for you – when you turn and chain 1 do you start first single crochet on second chain (like instructed on first row) or in very first chain at hook?

    Thank you !

    1. Hi there! After every first chain at the beginning of every row, I single crochet into the very first stitch of the row. The goal is to maintain the same number of stitches for every row to keep it all nice and square. Hope that helps!

  87. hi there I was wondering if you would give permission to sell any blankets that I make (noting where I got the pattern of course) please and thankyou 🙂

  88. Thanks for the directions. I have felt the weight of this type of baby blanket/mat and thinking will be great foot warmer for elderly relative. I think because it is weighted and soft it should be great

  89. Hey! I’m very new to crochet and I really only learned so I could attempt this! My only problem is I seem to lose a stitch on either end for every row! I can’t seem to figure it out :/ What am I doing wrong? I’ve done, undone, and redone the first 10 rows about 10 times…

    1. Hi there! I’m soooo glad you are jumping into the crochet world!! It seems that you are might be missing a chain 1 at the end of every row. Making a chain 1 and then starting your single crochet into the very first stitch of the row will guarantee you keep the same amount of stitches throughout. I hope that helps!! If that is not the problem we can keep troubleshooting together =)

  90. Hello – Thank you for sharing your baby blanket. It’s adorable and I just finished making one for a friend. I also bought some of those cute burp cloths you recommended and put them together with some other things in a baby basket. Thanks so much – I don’t do much croquet, but this was such a cute blanket that I thought I’d try it and it was a lot of fun. I’ve been in bed sick for quite a while so this was a nice way to keep the boredom at bay. I’m very grateful, thank you. 🙂

  91. Hi I have just started crochet and I’m going to give this a go having juat mastered the single crochet stitch (:
    Do have any advice about changing colours or would you recommend sticking to one set of colours for this project? Thanks for the tutorial (:

    1. Hi! Soo glad you are working on mastering your crochet!! Of course you can change colors as you go if you would like… there is hardly a right or wrong with this project. To change colors at the beginning of a row simply cast on the new color at the first single crochet of the new row, and tie off the old color. There is a step by step tutorial on changing colors here on the Ninja Turtles tutorial if you wanna take a peek:

      Good luck!

    1. Hi! There are various ways to join the yarn when you get to the end of a skein. The easy way is to simply tie the ends together orrr cast the new color onto your hook as you reach the end of the old skein. There are numerous video tutorials on Youtube that are great reference. Hope that helps!

  92. i would like to make this as a bedspread for my Queen size bed….I will be using a thicker yarn….any idea about how many skeins of each color I might need?

    1. Kudos to you for wanting to take on this project! For a larger size blanket, you are going to need many skeins but unfortunately without knowing how many yards are in each skein its difficult for me to try to calculate it. I hope the project turns out as planned!

  93. I am thinking of making this blanket,but only using two yarns instead of three. Have you tried this? or have any thoughts about how it might turn out? thanks so much!

    1. Using two yarn strands instead of 3 would be a great idea! It might help to use a smaller size hook otherwise your chains might be a little loose. Which ever hook and method works for you go ahead and try! There are so many ways to customize this blanket. Have fun and good luck!

  94. Hi! I didn’t see anything about it in the comment section so I am sorry if I am repeating–do you have any tips to keep the yarns from tangling up? I can’t week to get them to not twist and become a mess! Love this idea!!

    1. Hi! I admit I also had a hard time keeping the yarns from tangling up too much, especially at every turn of the blanket as you are working. It might help to keep the skeins apart in a bag so as you pull from them they remain stationary. It might be tedious but its best to untangle as you go to keep from having to deal with a bigger mess later! Hope that helps.

  95. i am so excited to try this, a friend of mine is having a girl and so i bought 3 very large skeins(796yrds each) of the patterned color i was (pink grey white) and so i am gonna use this for her blanket! thanks for this easy trick!

    1. Hi there! Unfortunately I am not too well versed on blocking something of this size and weight =( My blanket was soft and heavy enough that it took a good shape and did not require blocking. I do find you tube to be quite helpful tho for tips that might help!

  96. I love this pattern! I have made two baby blankets with this pattern and I’m about to start a third. It is so easy and turns out gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!!

  97. Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration!
    My blanket is turning out a little differently and I wanted to share because I thought my initial fail was kinda funny. First off, to get the color combination I wanted, I ended up using 4 yarns (white, brown, dark green, and mottled green). 3 of them are size 4 and the white is size 6, so when I started doing just a single crochet, it was way too stiff. My husband commented that it felt more like a hall/floor runner than a blanket. Also, on my first attempt I had grand plans and it was 81″ wide (lolol). I got 7 rows up and had already used up the shortest skein. So I tore it all apart and started over. THIS time, it’s only 60″ wide, and I’m using a double crochet and it’s turning out much better: more blanket-like and less rug-like. It’s still nice and plush, but it moves and wraps easier. For reference, the one thing I got right from the beginning was the 11.5mm hook (size P). I hope my hilarious mistakes can be of help to others 😀
    Again, thanks so much for the idea of this blanket. I was looking around for ideas on an easy, laid-back style of blanket to make for my Daughter when she’s born this November, but that could be more than a baby blanket. Hopefully this will serve as a wonderful tummy-time floor mat, then adorn her bed as she grows older.

    1. hahah thanks for sharing !! WE ALLLLLL have our share of trial and error with projects, especially crochet! The most important part is to keep going and be able to make it work the way you want it. I am soooo happy you stuck with it and tweaked it. I have tried this blanket with some left over stiff yarn and half way thru I realized it was definitely gonna be more of a tummy time mat or even rug cus of how stiff it was! Congratulations on your new addition and hope you get to enjoy something you’ve made for your precious baby!

  98. Just finished crotcheting this blanket! I chose a chunky white, with dark and light pink regular yarn. I love how it turned out! I also added a white scalloped edge to it! This was a great beginners blanket! It was actually my very first! I made it for my baby, due in just two months. Thank you for posting!

  99. I love this project, and I’m going to go to the store tomorrow to pick out my 3 yarns. I just made a swatch to make sure I could do it, and to figure out how much yarn to get. I thought I had figured out how much yarn I’ll need, until I read your comment above where you said that you used “… about 3 skeins for each color, totaling 9 skeins. Each skein was close to 200 yards each.” Meaning the length of yarn that you used was 600 yards. You didn’t give the dimensions of your finished product (if you did, I missed it), but you did say that it was 34″ wide. Anyway, I tried to figure out how much yarn I will need, and I came up with a lot less than you used, which makes me concerned that I calculated it incorrectly. So, I’m hoping that you would be willing to check my process and see if I did this right. If not, I understand.

    I crocheted a swatch that was 9″ x 7″. The 9″ was from the stitches, and the 7″ was from the rows. (All three yarns were worsted weight, and I used a P hook, although I’m not sure that matters.) I then unraveled the whole thing and measured the length of the yarn that I used for that swatch. It was 25 yards of yarn — or more precisely, three strands of yarn, each of which was 25 yards long. I then decided that I could just quadruple the size of the swatch — making a blanket that is 36″ x 28″ (is that a good size for a baby blanket?). Therefore, I figured that would just need to take that 25 yards that I’d just used for my swatch and multiply it by 4, meaning I would need 100 yards of each color.

    But you say you used six times that amount! Clearly, I’m doing something wrong, because this seems WAY off! If your blanket was 34″ wide (2″ less than my proposed blanket), then either yours was way, way longer than mine, or else I just don’t know how to do this. (I’m a beginner, so that’s totally possible.)

    Can you (or anyone) please advise me? Thanks for reading this far.

    1. Hi there! I am glad you are going to be venturing on your own project!! When I wrote this post I was still at the semi beginning stages of my crochet so it is very possible I could have documented the amount of yarn incorrectly. However, it could also very person to person especially depending on the yarn being used and your own tension. The thicker the yarn the more you will need of that particular skein (which is why I probably ate up so much yarn). I really hope that helps, there is no wrong way to make this type of blanket! There is a lot of freedom to get creative with the colors and yarn types. =)

  100. It really is easy. Amazed at the results. I am using pink, I am using

    white and multi colored pink cotton. For my first grand child Vivian who is due in January. Goes quick.

  101. I get so frustrated when I try and read a pattern and it calls for measuring and gauges, this is very helpful and encouraging!

  102. Our only daughter is 11 weeks pregnant with our first grandchild.I’m not crafty at all,but would love to attempt making a blanket for the baby.Where and how would I start? Please help a gwanny to be do this for her amazing daughter!,

    1. Hi! I’m sorry for the delayed response! By now your daughter should be further along and I’m sure you are all preparing for the little one’s arrival. There are so many great resources available online for beginners like ourselves. If you haven’t tried, YouTube has great videos with clear directions on where and how to start. I hope my instruction for this blanket are easy to follow. Feel free to ask questions, I would be more than happy to help!

  103. How big did this end up being? I need to make a fairly large blanket and need to know how much yarn I need to buy.

    1. I am making a king sized blanket, and using double stitches…I’ve been working on it for quite some time, and oh my goodness does it ever eat up the yarn! It will be worth it though! So warm and cozy!

    1. There are several ways to join skeins of yarn… the easiest of course is to tie the two strands together. Other methods are available on YouTube with very clear instructional videos. If I tried to explain here in text I’m sure I would not do a very good job without photos! Hope that helps!

  104. Have you tried this pattern with the Bernat blanket yarn? It is a 6 and is very, very soft. I am wondering how it might work with 2 strands of worsted weight yarn. Thoughts?

  105. Do you put any type of finishing edge on this? I am almost done with the blanket but I wondered how to make it look finished or complete

  106. This is such a wonderful idea!! I had some super bulky cream colored yarn and wanted something quick and easy to do to use it up that would add a pop of color. This was perfect!! I used a medium and a light weight as my other yarns. I love it!! Thank you!!!

  107. Newbie crocheters here! Also brand new grandma -making this for my grandson using 2 worsted weight and 1bulky. So excited to see how it turns out!

  108. Just saw the this on Pinterest . My youngest daughter and I have begun making scarves year round to give to our local shelter/charities for winter. This process looks like it would certainly add some extra warmth and texture….maybe start with two strands and go from there. Thank you for the inspiration!

  109. Thanks for this pattern, found on Pinterest . I’ve just completed one for my daughter in law . Our first grandchild is due today so looking forward to passing it on. Patsy

  110. I’m making one for a co-workers first child. Thank you for the 3 yarn idea – and it goes soooo fast. I may go with 1/2DC though, to make it go even faster 😀

  111. Needed a blanket in a hurry and this is perfect for a family that just lost their home in a fire and the mom of the family just lost a daughter in the fire. She is due to deliver her baby boy very soon. This will be awesome and will keep him warm and snuggly. Thank you so much.

  112. I loved your blanket and tried one with black, off-white and tan. Turned out great! I single crocheted the longer sides and put the three color fringes on the two shorter sides. Now my husband wants one because he said it was so soft and warm. Not sure I will make him one since he is 6’2″ and that would be a very expensive blanket. He might just have to use the little one to cover his legs. LOL! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. what a great tutorial, thanks! You said you used 9 skeins and 34″ in width. What was the length? Thanks!

    1. The finished dimensions are going to depend on the tension of the person making them. The blanket featured in the post was for a baby and ended up being about 32 x 36 inches.

  114. Love this blanket!! I am making one for my son that’s due in April. Do you think I can use only one yarn instead of three? I plan on using to bernat baby soft chunky yarn. Can I also use the same hook you did or do I have to use the one that it says on the yarn?

    1. Hi! Congratulations on your new little one! A blanket with one yarn in a chunky skein would be a great baby blanket, but if only using 1 strand of yarn I would recommend going down in hook size, otherwise you might be left with gaps in some very wide stitches… making the blanket not so warm for baby. If so try using a size J or N hook. Those are large enough for the chunky yarn.

  115. i would love to crochet but all i know how to do is chain stitch,is this baby blanket chain stitches.and i’m left handed 2.can someone show me how to crochet?or has a book i can look at to do this my gf just had a baby girl thou i make her one for her baby,but need to know how to make one 1st,lol

    1. Hi ! There are soooo many tutorials out there on the web that would be very helpful in learning to crochet. Especially videos on YouTube! This blanket uses a single crochet. Search for that and you will get a TON of videos and tutorials that will walk you thru the process of that stitch. Hope that helps!

  116. Hello,

    I just started this blanket as a baby shower gift, and I need to add a new skein. How did you do this? Did the tri-strand give you trouble?


    1. Hi there! So glad to here you trying out this project. Using 3 strands did not give me any trouble… when the time came to add a skein I either tied it to the one before it in a tight knot and weaved in the ends or simply “picked up” the new skein on a new slip knot and also weaved in the ends. Hope that helps!

  117. I will have to give this a try. I am a novice crocheter, but I made a ripple afghan years. I was surprised how easy that was, and this one is even easier. Thanks for the tutorial.

  118. Am I the only one that’s having a hard time locating the different chains? I cannot differentiate between all the threads!

  119. Hello!
    I love this blanket and have started making one for myself as a throw to go over my couch at home. I’m looking to make one for a friend who is having a baby this summer. I see that you made the width 34″ but how long did the blanket end up being when you completed it? I’m sure I’ll be using this pattern for many blankets in the future as it seems all my friends are in the baby stage!!! Thank you 🙂

  120. I pinned this a while back because I love the look of it. I finnaly have a reason to make it . My newphew and his wife are due in July. That won’t share the baby’s sex so this color combination is perfect. Plus it was their wedding colors , so I know she like them. I wanted the Greg to be subtle. I found a grey and white twisted by Bernat Softer baby, also a Bernat solid white with a texture and mixed with Caron Simply Soft in Sunshine. It is blending beautifully. Thank you for the idea.

  121. I noticed this was published 3yrs ago but I had to comment anyway. I’ve made several baby blankets like this and they are much more useful than the pretty lacy ones. I usually make a matching rug out of the same yarn for the nursery.

  122. I love this pattern! The first one I made is so lovely and perfect for baby yoga! It is thick but so soft! My second one is a lovely sunny yellow, blue and green. My family is critical that it looks like a rug.

  123. You must have the patience of a saint! I couldn’t even read all the comments, much less answer the inane ones, the repetitious ones, and those that are already answered in your post if they would just read it thoroughly. I admire those of you who post great instructions online and then try to walk everyone through them. I don’t crochet much, but I intend to make one of these for my next grandchild. I’ll think of you when I make it, but I won’t bother you with any more questions….no matter how much I may have forgotten about how to crochet. Thanks for the great idea!

  124. I loved this! I did mine a little different from yours. I worked 2 skeins of chunky yarn at a time, totaling 8 skeins. But it came out great. Very happy with it. Thanks for the post

  125. Hi there,

    I’m wondering if you single crocheted both loops or just the front for this pattern? I started the blanket but my work does not look like yours and I’m thinking it’s because I am crocheting the front loop and not both.

  126. First, thank you for the tutorial. I’m want to make my mom a large blanket as a Christmas present. I would like to use the this pattern because it will work up quickly and I can mix colors. Soft yarns tend to split or run and I want to avoid them. Would using caron one pound yarn in black and tan be ok? What size crochet hook would you recommend when using two strands of the caron? I tend to crochet a little on the tight side and don’t want the blanket to turn out stiff.

  127. Hi, just wondering if the free toddler bow scarf pattern was still available? I can’t find it anymore ,i had it pinned and now that i want to make it for my babies (photo shoot) all the pins including mine keep leading to this page. Is it no longer free? Thank you (^_~)

  128. Hi there! I just found your site through Pinterest. My grandmother & great-grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was in the 2nd grade. It’s been years now since I’ve made anything but I’m getting started again. This blanket will be perfect to help jog my memory. Thank you!

  129. Hi!
    I always seem to crochet using the back part of the stitches, it sounds like you go through both parts, will it hurt to crochet using the back part of the stitch for this pattern?? Sorry if this is not the correct terminology. Also would this work up ok if I used a double instead of a single stitch?

  130. I made one similar to this but the three yarns were the same weight. I made it for my daughter before she was born. She’s now 9 and besides being a little small it is holding up great and gets softer and softer each year. Unlike other crochet baby blankets it is actually nice and warm and its weight is comforting. I’m making one for a friend that is expecting a baby next year.. going to try the different yarn weights and see how it comes out. Thanks for the tips!

  131. Thank you very much .I am a beginner …in this but I love crochet… I will give a try with this easy one blanket for my grandson he will be born this chrismas!!!
    Can I use any harm I can see the difference yet?

  132. Thank you for the lovely pattern i’ve done a version of this with white (12ply) and ranbow (8ply) yarn, can’t wait to give it for a first birthday!

  133. Hi there,
    I’ve been working on your project and probably half way through. I made it a bit bigger but now have realized that I completely messed up. It’s staring to narrow. I wasn’t doing a sc in the chain 1 at the start of the row. Do you think I could scx2 in some rows to make up the loss? Or would that make things worse? As it stands I would prob just use it as a throw away project (bit of a perfectionist) and would hate to do that due to time and money spent. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks so much,

  134. I made one of this pattern and it didn’t look very big and as I wanted it to be a cuddle for two blanket it kinda grew! When finished it was so big we dubbed it the blanket that ate Philadelphia lol! Five years and 4 Bulldogs later it’s still in daily use.😊

  135. If I wanted to make a scarf using this pattern- would it still be same length as blanket? This looks like a great pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  136. I love this. Your post is the best I’ve found on how to make this blanket. Have you thought about putting up a video? Only wondering because I’m not quite caught up on all the lingo yet, and there are somethings that words/pictures aren’t teaching me well. I am more of a visual learner.

    Thank you again for the post,

  137. I LOVE this pattern! ❤️ I have made two blankets thus far. One that will be perfect for some baby yoga or tummy time, and a soft sunny yellow one. Planning on making one for my nephew who is due May 3.

  138. Love this im currently making a 6×6 ft one of these for my living room its super warm and comfy I cant keep my dogs and husband off of it while I crochet

  139. I’ve made MANY full-sized afghans with this “pattern” using 2 contrasting colors with cream or white. For edging I choose the color I want to highlight and make 6 or 8 rows around the entire blanket. I’ve mande from lap throw size all the way up yo king size.

  140. I’m making this with a N hook, and 2 strands of yarn, so far turning out beautiful , is there a trim I could use . Thanks

  141. Idea and pattern is great but what amazes me is what a lovely person you must be to take time to reply to everyone’s comments over all this time ! Big pat on the back for being such a generous person x

  142. Gorgeous afghan, going to make this bigger for myself, in three of my favorite colors and yarns, wish me luck!🤓

  143. Just windering when you crochet which way do you turnvyour bkanket clickwise or counterclockwise

  144. This blanket looks Awesome!! Thank you for sharing such a great Tutorial too! Definitely plan to make for a new nephew due this Fall!! 🙂

  145. Love this! I’ve been looking for a blanket to crochet, but so unsure on how when one yarn skein ends how to incorporate the next one smoothly. The largest item I have crocheted is a dish cloth because of this. Any advice is appreciated😊

  146. We travel a lot (in our Motorhome to Rallys every year (especially the Returee Rally in Marcj They collect lap b;amulets for Nursing Homes & I try to whip up 3/4 every year I have plenty of left-over yarns & this seems like a really easy one to whip up so better get started.
    Linda from Tx

  147. I really loved this blanket I doing one for my new great granddaughter which I am using 3 colors. I really love this pattern for it thanks for sharing it.

    1. I used all 3 colors. I did a single crochet around the whole blanket. Then I did chain 4 then I skipped one single and did a slip stitch in next chain all the way around the blanket. It added a nice touch to it.

  148. I just wanna say how amazing this pattern is! I’ve done it twice now. The only thing different I did was instead of a single crochet I did a triple and I’ve used up to 5 different colors. Either way it’s a super quick pattern! I found recently they’ve come out with a US S-hook which is great if you’re using chunkier yarns of multiple colors! Just figured I’d share my adventures with your pattern!! Love it!!

  149. I made an “adult” blanket using this pattern in his favorite football teams colors (red,black,and white). He loved it! Also, his wife puts it on him when he falls asleep in his chair watching a night football game and then goes to bed herself. I used one skein of red, white, and black of the Red Heart Super Saver yarn and when I had no more yarn, that was the length of the blanket.

  150. I love these beautiful blankets and need to get back into my crochet and these blankets are stunning

  151. I made an Afghan using blue, teal and lavender and a double crochet stitch, looks amazing!! Thanks for the pattern and idea!

  152. Hi!! I love this blanket! I’m going to make it for a friend who’s expecting their first granddaughter! Do you think it’d work with a hdc or would that be too difficult considering the amount of strands? Have you tried that? THANKS! 😋

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