Heart Gladiator Sandals

crochet sandals

Another one of our very own creations, the baby girl heart sandal!  I love em for summer.  Design was a little tricky but after a few attempts I think I got it all figured out.

crochet sandal

I’ve made the sandals available in the shop for sizes newborn-18 months.  This pair in 0-3 months is looking for a new home!

7 thoughts on “Heart Gladiator Sandals

    1. I would love to have my patterns available for others to enjoy! Thank you for asking. I am no expert so I would have to try writing one as professional as I could. I will be working on a draft and let you know!! =)

      1. I’d be more than happy to buy the pattern from you as a “draft” and give you written feedback via email if you’re new to pattern writing. Then you could edit and sell it “professionally.” 🙂

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