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Kids Closet Makeover

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Phase 2 of the big kid room has begun at Casa Chavez!

This phase involves customizing a closet so that it is kid friendly and will easily grow with our boy as his needs change.

here is a very real photo of the BEFORE

For the last year we have been using these random plastic bins to store Mauricio’s clothes. I wanted something that would fit in his closet as well as be easily accessible to him and these bins were a great temporary solution.  

Now its time for an upgrade!

We started by removing the closet doors.  I know this might be an unpopular move but I wanted unhindered access to the closet in order to maximize storage.  Keeping the sliding doors would keep a cabinet with doors and drawers from being centered in the closet like I wanted.  So away they went!

We also removed the previous wire shelving that ran across the entire length of the closet and filled all of the screw holes.

I used The Home Depot’s mobile app to design the Closet Maid system I wanted.  The product locator feature not only told us exactly what aisle and bay to find what we needed in the store but it also advised how many were in stock.  This feature allows us to get in and out and back to business.

The phase 1 mural sits opposite the closet wall and with the doors off, I wanted to balance the room out by painting the inside of the closet.  I debated adding wallpaper or a decorative paint design but decided on a solid black wall as not to take away or compete with the mural. I used Limousine Leather by Behr.

As usual, I let Mauricio help.  After all, it is his room.

Assembling the cabinets was a breeze.  We decided on placement against the wall and securely mounted them.  I can rest assured knowing they are safely anchored and will not pose any sort of safety hazard for kids when they’re playing in here.

I like that this system is completely customizable and you can modify it at any time, adding or taking away accessories.  I ended up ordering 2 more drawers and fabric storage cubes online, as always taking advantage of the fact that Home Depot has over one million online items that can be delivered free to my door.

My goals with this install was for the drawers to be kid friendly so that Mauricio can continue to participate in choosing his clothes and learning to dress himself.  I also wanted to dedicate an area for costumes and accessories that he can access by himself.  The clothes rods that came with the Closet Maid system can be installed anywhere and at any height.  I am considering adding a 4th rod on the left side.  I used the reverse image feature in The Home Depot’s mobile app to try and see if I could locate the same exact type of rod for sale by itself.  Now I know that I can add the same rod when and if I choose, AND exactly where to find it in the store.  

Not only did I accomplish my goals but the closet looks nice too!  I don’t regret removing the doors at all.  Moving his entire wardrobe and other items into the closet has freed up floor space that he can now use to play.

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