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DIY Camera Strap and the Miserable Cow

I’ve had the pleasure of experimenting lately with my first DSLR camera and its been a ton of fun.  Slowly learning how to use it and researching all the tips and tricks for great picture taking.  While searching for camera accessories I came across some amazing camera straps!  Some are leather, others made from colorful and vibrant fabrics….wayyy better than the stock brand strap that screams “tourist”.  Although these amazing camera accessories are very well made and worth every penny, the cost was simply not in my budget….no way I was going to justify a $100 strap for my brand spankin new camera.

After some insomniatic obsession (that’s a term right?) over the elusive camera strap…. I mustered up the courage to attempt to make my own!  After all, if I use what I have on hand it wont matter if I mess it up!

The most beautiful straps I found were scarf straps… made using beautifully printed fabrics meant for light and airy scarves.  I just so happen to have a collection of those lying around!  I decided on one and then proceeded to deconstruct my Nikon strap in order to re-use the hardware.  I also scoured my leather scraps for useful connecting bits.  I haven’t been scared of failing a sewing project in a long time, this one was up there on the stress level.  I was using a scarf I loved and butchering my only real camera strap.  If this didn’t work I was going to have to wait til Christmas to get a replacement!

After a gut wrenching hour of putting my skills to the test, this was my end result…

scarf camera strap

She’s beautiful and comfortable! Oh, and also washable! (sans camera of course).

I LOVE IT! Wanna wear it all the time type of love it.  I am now on the hunt for inexpensive and beautiful scarves to get a collection going.

This scarf strap was my happy project for the month.  June is a tough one for us with the birthday of my son being on the 2nd.  I am usually “ok” from January til Mothers day…then I become a miserable cow until after my son’s birthday.  Happens every year.  Ivy knows when those times come around, and wont leave my side.

great dane

My sister posted an inspiring quote on pinterest… so I printed it up and framed it…

typography miserable cow

Some days we all need a reminder.  This is the best one for me right now.  Here we are toasting up some smores after having spent the day with family visiting Chancho at his resting place.

great dane smores

Remember… no one likes a miserable cow.  Have some smores instead.


4 thoughts on “DIY Camera Strap and the Miserable Cow

  1. The camera strap is beautiful.
    I am in awe of your strength and courage in dealing with the tragic loss of your son. You truly inspire me..

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