Crochet Crown

Dusting off my crochet skills this month and thankfully my hooks feel at home in my hands.  I received a custom request for a little pink crown and I was able to whip one up in no time using a helpful tutorial I found here.  It had been a long time since I made one… Continue reading Crochet Crown


Yarn Season is Here!

Winter is coming and I can't wait to start hoarding all the squishy yarn! I recently reopened the Etsy shop with a handful of listings, including some classic crochet items for little ones. Like this Baby Aviator hat heading out to its new home in Florida: This Repeat Crafter Me pattern will never get old!

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So Much Change, Same Crafty Space

So much has happened since I last posted anything.  Where do I even start? Cliff Notes version: Quit my day job Had a baby, very very early dedicated every waking moment to premie baby Tons of house projects I'll write more about all of these things in the coming posts, I promise. Now that the… Continue reading So Much Change, Same Crafty Space


Police Baby Photo Prop Set and Puppy Growth Spurts

The last several weeks have been extremely busy and stressful.  Feel like we are being pulled a million different directions with all we have going on.  Luckily we have a few constants in our lives:  work, crafting, and Great Dane adventures.  I will do my best to get back to blogging and decorating. Im too… Continue reading Police Baby Photo Prop Set and Puppy Growth Spurts


Whats on the hook Wednesday!

Well, its been a while since my last post.  So much to talk about!  Things at home have been a little hectic, actually a lot hectic.  In the midst of it all I have found my new obsession..... embroidery letters on coffee cozies! I am excited about ALL of them and have started to slowly add… Continue reading Whats on the hook Wednesday!

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Camo Bows and Hand Painted Baby Swaddlers

To celebrate this month's holiday I've been working on some very 'Merican projects. I'll never get sick of these little bows I took the risky newbie challenge of hand painting fabric for a baby swaddle blanket. Stars and Stripes SUCCESS! These blankets are huge, 45 inch by 45inch. So I did it again with an… Continue reading Camo Bows and Hand Painted Baby Swaddlers


Aviator Hat and Fancy Neck Tie

This month's happy crochet projects yielded some pretty good results.  I have not forgotten about my crochet! (even though its 100 degrees out and the yarn is not very appealing right now).  These prototypes took a little work but I love how they turned out. Baby Aviator Hat Crochet Baby Neck Tie These newest crochet items make… Continue reading Aviator Hat and Fancy Neck Tie


Little Lambs and Dog Selfies

After seeing the most adorable photo print of a tiny lamb while visiting Napa, I found myself searching Instagram for the hashtag #lamb and #lambing to fill my heart with the over overflowing cuteness.  I know nothing about lambs or sheep as farm animals, except I want one...or a few.... like a little girl wants a pony. … Continue reading Little Lambs and Dog Selfies


Teeny Tiny Crochet Bow and The Angry Bird

This week's happy project is this awesome crochet bow. This lilac color is one of my all time favorites and can be seen in a lot of my yarn work.  The bow is on a chain and can be worn as a headband or even as a bowtie! Find it here in the shop. Dog Chronicles:… Continue reading Teeny Tiny Crochet Bow and The Angry Bird


Springtime Crochet Owls

I've been so preoccupied with house projects that my poor crochet hooks have started to feel neglected.  To remind myself how much I love that craft I brought out some of my favorite owl creations that were stashed away.  Took the opportunity to photograph them for the Etsy store. This toddler "purse" is done in a single crochet… Continue reading Springtime Crochet Owls


Yoda, R2D2, and a Great Dane Jedi

More of our regularly scheduled programming..... yes, more crochet coffee cup cozies.  This is not stopping anytime soon by the way. How can I when when I got this awesome little Yoda and R2 to brag about! * After lots of trial and error, both can be found in the Etsy shop! ************ Dog Chronicles:… Continue reading Yoda, R2D2, and a Great Dane Jedi


Princess Leia Cozy

I have yet to get tired of making cozies.  Remember the Thanksgiving cozies last year that started it all? I have been experimenting with all kinds of designs this week.  Some not so successful but others turn out as awesome small bits of hand-held happiness.  Scored a big win today with this Princess Leia inspired… Continue reading Princess Leia Cozy


Spring Crochet Heart Hair Clips

Spring is coming! I forgot how much I love to crochet these small hearts.  They are quick to make up and can be used for so many different things.  This day I was in the mood for hair clips. I picked up some simple metal snap hair clips and grabbed some left over yarn in… Continue reading Spring Crochet Heart Hair Clips


Yellow Puff Stitch Cowl and Sink Fountains

The puff stitch is one of my favorite crochet stitches and is very fun to create with.  I've got quite a stash going of these gorgeous infinity scarves, my favorite colors so far are the tiffany blue and canary yellow.  These scarves are light enough for spring yet warm enough for fall.  I am known… Continue reading Yellow Puff Stitch Cowl and Sink Fountains


Newest Character Hats

I used some of my free time this week to finally whip up some of the character hats on my never ending project wish list.   With no pattern, my trusty hooks, some trial and error, and signature character colors... here's what I was able to create... Plex - Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa - Yo Gabba… Continue reading Newest Character Hats


Baseball Themed Coffee Cozy and No Shame in the Crochet Game

This was my attempt at a baseball coffee cup cozy.  I made it in San Francisco Giants colors as a gift request for a baseball fan.  Sometimes the smallest projects are the most challenging! The tiny "baseball" was tough, but it looks really cool! My husband and I like to getaway from our daily grind… Continue reading Baseball Themed Coffee Cozy and No Shame in the Crochet Game


Crochet Tiny Bows

Thought I would finally share these tiny crochet bows.  There is nothing super crazy or special about how I made them.  Just your typical crochet rectangle which I cinched in the middle to create the bow look.  I attached them to an extra long crochet chain so that the chain can be tied to fit… Continue reading Crochet Tiny Bows


Pink R2D2 – Cus Little Girls Can Be Nerdy Too

One of our most popular hats is the Classic R2D2 hat I came up with right before the start of the holidays. This is an original pattern and took quite a bit of trial and error.  I was getting a little R2D2'd out with so many requests for this awesome little guy.  At one point… Continue reading Pink R2D2 – Cus Little Girls Can Be Nerdy Too

Crochet · DIY


After the unexpected response I received for my Ninja Turtles hat, I am FINALLY posting this tutorial post!  Several readers have asked for it and I love knowing I can make atleast 1 person happy with this pattern. Remember, I in no way consider myself an expert.  This is a pattern I drafted up that… Continue reading TUTORIAL – Crochet TMNT Hat


Crochet Angry Birds Coffee Cozies

I still have not gotten over my coffee cozy kick.  I just keep looking for more and more ideas to spread my cozy happiness.  These Angry Bird inspired cozies are my latest crochet victory.  These were a little tougher than others I had attempted.  The pattern is my own and they couldn't have turned out… Continue reading Crochet Angry Birds Coffee Cozies