Keeping it real

New Year, New Look, Same Ol’ Me

Hello everyone.  After having disappeared from the Blog-osphere, I’m back.   So much to catch up on….

Here are the cliff notes for the last almost 2 years (yikes!):

  • We sold our home, moved and bought another.  Lots of house projects to come!
  • Thrift hoarding continues.  I’ve been given the green light to collect all the goods to restore, keep and/or sell. yay!
  • Dinosaur dogs are still going strong.
  • Rebranding
    • Chucks for Chancho is now ‘House of Esperanza”.  As you can tell from the new look here.  Our home is a house of ‘HOPE’, for a million reasons.  It wasn’t easy to pull that trigger, but I was craving a re-do, more me.  Etsy shop is still on vacation, once we get fully settled I’ll get it going back up.
  • You can follow my personal Instagram at moni_chavez for oversharing of my dogs and DIY adventures.  For sewing, crochet, embroidery the Instagram HouseofEsperanza will be exclusive to those projects.

My goal with this corner of the internet is to inspire, teach, and bring out the maker in everyone.  So, follow along.  There are lots of new categories to keep up with and tons of updates coming.

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