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$15 Laundry Room Upgrade and just 15 minutes!

This is the current state of our laundry room. It is not one of the rooms in our home that will stop you in your tracks, but it is one of our most utilized spaces. I am incredibly grateful to have indoor laundry facilities and am looking forward to making major changes in this room… Continue reading $15 Laundry Room Upgrade and just 15 minutes!

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Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Finalist!

We are proud to announce House of Esperanza will be participating in Season 4 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge!   We will be renovating a bathroom in our home that sits on the main level.  When we first moved in I added floating shelfs and some art work to hold us over until we had the chance… Continue reading Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Finalist!

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DIY Hexagon Cork Tile Bulletin Board

My craft room/studio is always a work in progress. I'm a visual person and I found I needed a bulletin board of some sort to hold onto items I wanted to see for inspiration on a daily basis. The idea of a floor to ceiling cork wall was on my brain but wall space is… Continue reading DIY Hexagon Cork Tile Bulletin Board

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Thrifty Find – Vanity Mirrors

My usual Craigslist stalking snagged me this set of amazing mirrors!! 2 of them for $30! TWO! They are larger in size, really good quality, and were well taken care of.  I was looking for a set to use above nightstands in our spare room. These.were.perfect.

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Built That – Bathroom Floating Shelves

We are on a floating shelf kick over here at Casa Chavez.  Putting them evvvverryywhere.  Our downstairs bathroom is a full bathroom with little storage space.  I really wanted to do something with the empty space above the toilet area to maximize the space.  We went with the easy to follow Shanty 2 Chic style floating… Continue reading Built That – Bathroom Floating Shelves

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Garlic Sprouts and the Fight for the Sunny Window

After getting my herb garden going I was inspired to continue with some other edibles.  We've all seen the images floating around the interweb of "how to regrow your veggies".  This concept isn't new to me as I've always watched my mom and grandmother propagate plant/tree cuttings like magic.  I thought about planting some garlic cloves to see… Continue reading Garlic Sprouts and the Fight for the Sunny Window

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Gardening With Dinosaur Dogs

Its the first day of Spring! We are excited... can't you tell?  The sun is really cutting into naptime. Been juggling house projects, shop orders, and this head/chest cold that will not go away.   Lets throw in a gardening project for the heck of it.  Every year around this time I tell myself to get… Continue reading Gardening With Dinosaur Dogs

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Finally a Finished Room!

This week we are celebrating a finished room in our home!  Happy dance! .... I am the queen of unfinished projects.  I used to be in denial when my dad would tell me that growing up, then my husband started calling me out on the same thing.  Sooo our goal for the year has been… Continue reading Finally a Finished Room!

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My Grinch-mas

I hate Christmas.  I know, it sounds harsh.  But I found myself saying that repeatedly this past holiday season.  This time of year is extremely difficult for me.  I get stuck in this grinch of a mood and throw even more pity parties for myself than usual.  Everywhere there is Christmas music, the smell of… Continue reading My Grinch-mas

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House Warming Gifts & Personalized Packaging

I not only like to sell items on Etsy, I also LOVE to buy amazing things from talented people.  It's a great place to find unique gifts and sooo many unexpected gems.  I've been racking up the purchases lately.  Here are a few from this week. How cool are these tea towels from French Silver!?… Continue reading House Warming Gifts & Personalized Packaging

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Your Birthday, My Birthday

June always starts out rough for me.  My son's birthday is June 2nd but for us, it isn't as joyous occasion as it should be.  He would have turned 6 this year, and this month we celebrated it for the 4th time without him.  Every year, I dread the plans and try to avoid the… Continue reading Your Birthday, My Birthday

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Day of the Dead – Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos is a Latin-American holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember those who have passed away.  The celebration starts November 1 as All Saints' Day and continues November 2nd as All Souls' Day.  Traditions include building private altars honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods… Continue reading Day of the Dead – Dia de Los Muertos

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Bedroom Make Over – Orange and Gray Color Inspiration

After neglecting house projects for most of the summer,  I found myself scrambling to put together our guest bedroom for visiting in-laws.  By scrambling, I mean less than 1 week to put together an entire bedroom.  It almost felt like a HGTV show with someone saying, "here is your budget, an empty room, and 4 days.....GO!".  Boy did… Continue reading Bedroom Make Over – Orange and Gray Color Inspiration

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Functional Work Room – Always a Work in Progress

I am fortunate enough to have space in our new home to create a very spacious work room for all my sewing and crafting needs. Technically the room I'm using is designed as the "formal living room" but really, nowadays who needs a room with fancy furniture no one can touch? Yea, not me. Call… Continue reading Functional Work Room – Always a Work in Progress

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Imagining the 1st Day of School

The summer has come and gone.  Back to school sales are everywhere and Labor day is now behind us.  At 5 years old my son would have started kindergarten this school year.  It is difficult to watch friends with children the same age celebrate their child's big day.  I think to myself, "that should be me too". … Continue reading Imagining the 1st Day of School

For The Home · Sewing

Outdoor Benches and Custom Cushions

As spring/summer was approaching, I was in search of stylish and inexpensive outdoor touches to our backyard.  I consider myself to be somewhat of an Ikea die-hard fan as well as Ikea hacker.  I love to repurpose some of their ideas into something even better.  This outdoor bench is definitely an Ikea hack.  The Molger bench can be found in… Continue reading Outdoor Benches and Custom Cushions

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Owl Throw Pillows

Owls are awesome, at least in my book they are.  Just recently I started to collect some great owl finds.  This cotton fabric has all the right colors for my home and was shouting to be used for throw pillows.  Sewing throw pillows is an easy project and I found it to be a great way to cover… Continue reading Owl Throw Pillows

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$50 Dining Room Make Over

After settling into our new home, I was in search of a way to create some sort of visual separation between the dining area and the space which would have been the formal living room (which I turned into my craft/office space.  I'm a rebel, I know).  Painting the space didn't sound too exciting and any type of division… Continue reading $50 Dining Room Make Over

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UPCYCLED – Pallet Shelf Project

All the pallet projects on pinterest and various blogs has definitely got me wanting to stock up on old wood pallets for projects that I'll probably never get to. We recently moved into our new home so you can imagine the long list of DIY projects I have (and keep adding to). One day my… Continue reading UPCYCLED – Pallet Shelf Project

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DIY – Yarn Covered Letters

Lately my focus has been on decorating my craft area.  I came across a creative way to add to my inspiration wall while utilizing left over yarn from previous projects. shows a great tutorial on how to use some inexpensive wood letters and yarn for some unexpected art.  I purchased 6 large wood letters… Continue reading DIY – Yarn Covered Letters