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Finally a Finished Room!

This week we are celebrating a finished room in our home!  Happy dance! ….

IMG_0697I am the queen of unfinished projects.  I used to be in denial when my dad would tell me that growing up, then my husband started calling me out on the same thing.  Sooo our goal for the year has been to take pending house tasks and see them thru.  Not as a “New Years Resolution” but as my husband calls it “life goals for the year”.

We started with our half bath last week.  Mainly cus bathrooms are small and lets face it, nothing jump starts the DIY experience like a quick turn around time on a project.  Another reason was that we had the can of chosen bathroom paint sitting on the floor next to the sink for almost 1 year….yes, 1 year!  We literally took the paint back to Home Depot to get re-shaken up…. twice!  I kept telling myself “paint doesnt go bad”, hoping it wouldnt.  The paint was a gorgeous deep navy blue.  Scary huh?  I know.  Bathrooms are the perfect place to go a little crazy.  Plus, nothing was going to be worse than the dark sad colors from before:

IMG_0539Only think I was happy about in this bathroom was the molding that split the walls, a wainscoting of sorts.  That was def something I was going to take advantage of.  The top color was a dirty tan that looked dingy in a room with no natural light.  The bottom was a dark maroon that was spotty in places.

IMG_0540See the paint cans under the sink? Told ya. Oh, see the window sitting on the floor? That beauty had been waiting longer than the paint for some attention.  It was a house warming gift from a friend of ours 2 years ago when we moved in… yikes! It was rescued from an old beach house and was awaiting its new fate as a bathroom towel holder.

Time to gather supplies

IMG_0541Ugh, how I hate priming.  But its a necessary step.

IMG_0542SEVERAL coats of primer later… I got started on the white for the bottom half and blue for the top.  Busted out the old Marine Corps cover-alls for the painting.  (I swear my butt is not saggy in real life.)

IMG_0560This room proved very difficult to photograph.  No natural light comes in here at all.

I lost a full weekend and a good manicure to this project.

IMG_0547  We took advantage of the Home Depot trip (remember for the paint shaking) and headed to the faucet aisle.  It was then that I realized we currently have the cheapest (and tacky looking) of all the faucets on display.  We went with a much nicer bronze finished addition to the pedestal sink already in place.  Here’s a peak at the almost finished blue and white walls while my husband takes a stab at adding plumbing to his man resume.  The sink job was a success, it took A LOT longer than we anticipated and at one point I walked into the living room to find the entire pedestal sink sitting on the carpet… but in the end, it got done and thats all that matters to me!


Ivy the dane was even trying to help.  But her ears don’t make very good paint brushes.

great dane paintingNow for the personalized touches.  I had in mind to stencil over the navy with a white print.  That way the dark blue wouldnt be so prominent and in your face while handling important bathroom business.  I chose a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils with a small circular pattern that would be perfect for a small room.  Here is how it turned out.

navy bathroomHere is the window in all of its re-appreciated glory.

navy bathroomSee the huge difference?

navy bathroom redo

Beeeee-u-tiful I tell ya!

Now, time to scrub the paint off my hands and out of my hair.

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