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Garlic Sprouts and the Fight for the Sunny Window

After getting my herb garden going I was inspired to continue with some other edibles.  We’ve all seen the images floating around the interweb of “how to regrow your veggies”.  This concept isn’t new to me as I’ve always watched my mom and grandmother propagate plant/tree cuttings like magic.  I thought about planting some garlic cloves to see what I could get but that would take months in the ground for whole new bulbs.  Light bulb!  I’ll just plant some cloves in a tiny pot indoors for the garlic sprouts!  (also known as garlic shoots or scapes).  I remember tasting garlic scapes in Japanese dishes and they were delicious!  They looked like green onions but had a mild unexpected garlic taste.

I grabbed a few straggler cloves from my pantry and gently placed them into some potting mix.  Since I wasn’t planning on letting the sprouts grow to maturity they were only going to need a small amount of space.  Keeping the delicate shoots indoors would allow me to watch their growth AND remind me to care for them.  I found the only sunny downstairs window and placed my garlic hopes on the sill.  I partnered up the garlic with some mint cuttings I wanted to root as well.  All you need is water!


I walked away feeling good about myself.  Me and my green thumb.  Not 10 minutes later, I came back into the room….. there it was …. a crime scene.


Garlic down!  This poor little guy had been ripped from the comforts of his new home!  I knew who the suspect was.  Primarily because there wasn’t anyone else to blame but also cus I found her standing at the window like this:


That’s the “it wasn’t me” look.  Clearly this window was not going to be a good place for my experiment.  Her size allows her to reach places we normally don’t consider.  It was time to relocate these bebes to the not so sunny kitchen window sill.

I watched everyday for the next week as my garlic cloves rooted themselves and started to grow!  The rooting process actually pushed the cloves up outta the potting mix.  I watered them lightly and smiled at my new little greens.


At week two there was enough to start cutting sprouts and throw em into my stirfry!


I will keep cutting my green tops until there is no more.  Best part is I can start all over again with new garlic cloves and within a couple of weeks have some more!


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