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Gardening With Dinosaur Dogs

Its the first day of Spring!

We are excited… can’t you tell?  The sun is really cutting into naptime.

blue great daneBeen juggling house projects, shop orders, and this head/chest cold that will not go away.   Lets throw in a gardening project for the heck of it.  Every year around this time I tell myself to get to planting herbs and flowers.  Maybe this year they will survive my neglect and the reach of a giant dog.  Last years lemongrass bushes were a favorite snack for Ivy, and they did not make it thru the summer.  I began the Pinterest search for ideas that would allow for some plants up high and off the ground where she could not have a salad bar.

This was one of my favorites from The Fancy Life.

the fancy life: Herb Garden Inspiration. Used pallet. We found a pallet in our new garage, the may be the reason!

Maybe I could score another pallet somewhere …hmmm.

But then…….a gardening lightbulb moment came during a “garage-clean-out-day”.  We found this stack of pretty metal buckets just hanging out.

1And then this Ikea rod hanging thing-y, still in the wrapper!  Pretty sure I had plans to use this as a scarf hanger some day.1 (1)They were shouting at me to use them for the little garden that was haunting me.  My excitement at upcycling and not spending loads of money gave me the energy to push thru my cold and get it done!

First things first, I got everything outside.

1 (3)

Searched the backyard for a sunny, high, plant friendly spot.  On the fence near the grill looked good.

1 (2)

Closer inspection of the buckets made me realize I was going to need drainage holes for my little plants to have a comfy home.

2Thats a job for the drill…

2 (3)and these intimidating looking attachments.

2 (2)One of these was bound to get them job done.

3Randomly plugged away at the bottom of the buckets.

3 (2)Tada!  Drainage holes.

Now time for a tea break. Remember we have a cold to sorta pay attention to. Lets go to Puerto Vallarta Mexico shall we…

3 (3)Next I hung the rod up using the drill and some short screws.  The fence planks were at an awkward angle so I did my best to get as much flat contact as I could.

5I didn’t realize how boring our fence was until now.

5 (1)Time for another tea break.

5 (2)I also had a stash of the ‘S’ hooks for this Ikea rod, so I grabbed those for hanging the buckets.  Ivy was working very hard staring at the fence with me.

5 (3)Problem….. the hooks didnt fit over the wooden portion at the center of the bucket handle.  Crap.

6Solution, using the existing holes on the side of the bucket!

6 (2)Thought about taking off the bucket handle but that wasnt gonna be an easy task and I was ready to keep this quick and simple.

6 (1)It worked!  Dry run looks good.

6 (3)Now, time for the potting mix and plants.

Adding some cilantro, Thai basil, and a little jalapeno.  Can you tell I’m feeling a little of the Asian inspiration for some yummy eats?

7A little water and these little guys are ready for their new home!

7 (2)This should be high enough to be out of Ivy’s reach and also be within plain view so that I don’t forget to water them.

7 (3)This only cost me a few dollars for the plants.  Can’t believe I already had everything else!  I’ve got a couple more of these rods and will be adding more to this new green wall.

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