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House Warming Gifts & Personalized Packaging

I not only like to sell items on Etsy, I also LOVE to buy amazing things from talented people.  It’s a great place to find unique gifts and sooo many unexpected gems.  I’ve been racking up the purchases lately.  Here are a few from this week.

How cool are these tea towels from French Silver!? They make great house-warming gifts.  These sets are going to good friends of ours moving into their new homes.

tea towels

hangryThere are sooooo many more awesome printed towels and even onesies in her shop! Worth taking a look at.

I am always on the look out for items to add to the Chucks For Chancho “brand”.  Successful shops/artists are unique and take the time and energy to make sure they stand out amongst the rest.  I bought these stickers this week from Seasprout to add a little bit of character to our carefully handcrafted items.  That shop has some wonderful handmade sticker, tag, and labels available.  It was hard to choose just a couple.

seasprout stickers

After making my own little printed labels for an item sleeve, I secured the black ribbon on the back side with these stickers.


This toddler scarf is one of our most popular winter items.  I am excited to already be receiving requests for them.

Dog chronicle of the day:

Another great recent purchase was this metal lawn sign.  We are slowly adding/changing things in our home  to exactly how we (I) wish to have them.  All require time and money of course.  We couldn’t pass this sign up tho.  Its perfect!

security great dane

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