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My Grinch-mas

I hate Christmas.  I know, it sounds harsh.  But I found myself saying that repeatedly this past holiday season.  This time of year is extremely difficult for me.  I get stuck in this grinch of a mood and throw even more pity parties for myself than usual.  Everywhere there is Christmas music, the smell of everything sweet and baked, oh and inevitable combat shopping.  It is hard to be joyful when all I can think about is how much I miss my son.  Every year its the same battle… My husband tries to get me to decorate and get the tree out, I procrastinate, protest, then make myself too busy to get it done.   So yea, some of us aren’t filled with a whole lot of Holiday spirit.  But in the end I couldn’t hide from what I do still love and the things that I am thankful for.

As much as I dread decorating the tree… I’ve tried to turn the experience into something special.  We took some of my son’s favorite small toys and made them into ornaments.  Our tree now is filled with these instead of the traditional kind, and I am glad we have that.  I can see him in every one of these tiny time capsules.

photo 1I took a spare length of ribbon and attached it to the side of a cabinet so that we could display Christmas cards we were receiving from family and friends.  I keep telling myself one year we will send out fancy cards.

christmas cards

  One more hurdle now that the Holidays are officially over.  Taking all the stuff back down.

Dog Chronicles:

One thing I can always count on, is Ivy our Dane destroying a dog bed (or two) on a regular basis.  Since we pay hard earned cash for the most giant of dog beds, I try to make them last as long as I can.  This is where my sewing skills come in handy!  I take a needle and thread and patch up the holes she has worked so hard to make.  This cycle can only go on so long before the bed becomes unrepairable.  Well, this is her protesting the regularly scheduled sewing session by laying on the bed and pushing my hands away.  Wonder where she gets the stubborn-ness from….

great dane

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