Police Baby Photo Prop Set and Puppy Growth Spurts

The last several weeks have been extremely busy and stressful.  Feel like we are being pulled a million different directions with all we have going on.  Luckily we have a few constants in our lives:  work, crafting, and Great Dane adventures.  I will do my best to get back to blogging and decorating.

Im too excited about one of my latest commissions not to share it with the world.  A police hat and diaper set were requested by a dad for his newborn son, here is the finished result:

crochet police photo propits uhhhh-mazing!  I pride myself in attention to detail and this pretty much says it all.

 If you are looking to tackle a crochet project like this one check out Sunset Crochet pattern for the police hat which can be purchased hereI used this pattern for the diaper cover.  I freestyled the tiny “handcuffs”.


Puppy Chronicles

Here we are at 15 weeks, Optimus is growing like a weed now that he is off all his medications and no longer has his leg in a cast.

fawn great dane puppy

It’s amazing to see them grow at this age.  Ivy is extremely tolerant and patient with him.  If they aren’t playing or following me around they are sleeping.  As you can see Optimus still has to learn all of his manners.

great dane sleeping

I will keep the puppy updates coming!

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