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Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Finalist!

We are proud to announce House of Esperanza will be participating in Season 4 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge!  

We will be renovating a bathroom in our home that sits on the main level.  When we first moved in I added floating shelfs and some art work to hold us over until we had the chance to renovate it.  I do still love the artwork so I’m debating keeping it.  This is a windowless room which I hope to liven up with beautiful bright tile and modern fixtures.  Everything in this space will be ripped out and replaced using the Monica spin.  

I will be bringing in my first love, black and white, along with an unexpected pop of color.  Here is a look at the inspiration board:

I am excited to use this project opportunity to take the courageous plunge on a non-traditional patterned floor tile.  Jeffrey Court’s Potpourri Medley hexagon tile jumped out at me right away.  With shades of black, white, and gray in various patterns there was no contemplating another tile for the floor once I spotted this one.

With a busy floor planned, I knew I wanted a simple white tile for the shower surround to replace the existing shower insert.  But not just any subway tile.  Changing things up just a tiny bit from the traditional with a 4×12 white glossy tile for the surround and the walls. Oh yes, THE WALLS!  The larger tile will compliment the 8inch hexagon floor tiles and provide a different scale.  

I am also in love with this Penny Round tile from the Jeffrey Court line. It is a vary dark gray and has a texture that looks and feels great up against the glossy white tiles.  We will be using the penny round as accents around the room.  

From experience, I know that I get overwhelmed with ideas when shopping for projects.  I have learned that I work best when I do my research before-hand and enter Home Depot with my inspiration in hand.  

Upon seeing it in person, if I change my mind that is ok and I can pivot from there.  Once in the store and I see my choices in person, it all starts to come together visually for me.

This is not a quick process, atleast not for me.  We go on a full tummy so that no one is ‘hangry’ and without the boy so that I can focus.  

Once I made my final selections we put our order in and waited the happy mail.

Fast forward to the exciting delivery day!

Just like paint swatches can look different once you bring them home, so can tile.  First thing I did was take it into the bathroom and lay it out.  It was still perfect!

Now starts the debate of what layout to choose for the white tile.  There are soooo many possible patterns!  I am going to have to play with ideas from now until we actually get it on the walls just to be sure.  

Next week you get to see the demo and how we approach ripping everything out and maybe we decide on a pattern for the white 4×12 tile?

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