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$15 Laundry Room Upgrade and just 15 minutes!

This is the current state of our laundry room. It is not one of the rooms in our home that will stop you in your tracks, but it is one of our most utilized spaces. I am incredibly grateful to have indoor laundry facilities and am looking forward to making major changes in this room when the time comes.

While we put together a budget to put towards new flooring, new backsplash, and cabinet paint, I am going to address some inexpensive functional aspects of this area that will make my life easier when I’m working in here. (I say “work” because the tasks of maintaining clean laundry for the household is a lot of work and I take it very seriously).

Today I am tackling one of those small projects by switiching out this shower curtain tension rod for a more sturdy wooden rod. I will say, the tension rod is a great inexpensive solution for a renter or when drilling screws into your walls isn’t an option. The problem with this one for me is that due to the weight of the amount of clothes I hang here, the rod constantly falls, and I’ve had it.

I grabbed a 6 foot wooden closet rod for $13, and a pair of wooden brackets for $3. After my Veterans Day discount, this was going to be a $15 project!

Here is the full time lapse video with the process from start to finish

This was a super easy project that any beginner DIYer can tackle themselves. All you really need is a drill and 15 minutes. I spent more time going back and forth to my saw than it took to actually mount the rod!

The rest of this room will still beg me for a facelift, but at least now I have somewhere secure to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer and I won’t be worried that the whole thing is gonna come down on me.

If you have limited space in your laundry area and installing a closet rod is not an option, here are a few alternatives that are great space savers and just as functional.

This over the door option creates storage out of little space and still an inexpensive addition for only $11

This collapsible hanging system hides away when not in use. It’ll even work outside the laundry room where every you need that extra place to hang a few things. Its one of my favorite options for tight spaces and only $15.

If temporary floor space is available and you are in need of somewhere to hang dry your clothing, this collapsible drying rack is very popular and with over 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon, you can’t go wrong!

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