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UPcycled – Vintage Frame Thread Holder

When I first set up my craft/sewing room I set out on the hunt for the run of the mill mini rack spool holder for my small collection of thread.  Unfortunately there is not a variety of thread storage available at the big name stores.  Not to mention they are not cheap!  I caved and bought… Continue reading UPcycled – Vintage Frame Thread Holder

Built That · Thrifty Finds

PINspiration – Be The Good Sign

This phrase has been on my mind for a long time now.  Saw it first floating around on Pinterest, of course.  I have plenty of empty wall space screaming at me for good ideas.  I love how the "Be The Good" stands out from the whole thing!  This is going to make a great daily… Continue reading PINspiration – Be The Good Sign


Yoda, R2D2, and a Great Dane Jedi

More of our regularly scheduled programming..... yes, more crochet coffee cup cozies.  This is not stopping anytime soon by the way. How can I when when I got this awesome little Yoda and R2 to brag about! * After lots of trial and error, both can be found in the Etsy shop! ************ Dog Chronicles:… Continue reading Yoda, R2D2, and a Great Dane Jedi

Built That

PINspiration String Art

The latest Pinterest search for good DIY decorating projects resulted in one of the coolest DIY blogs I have ever laid my eyes on.  Her name is Mandi and she is Vintage Revivals.  Her ideas are HUGE and I love alllll of them.  I am obsessed with her blog, and might or might not stalk… Continue reading PINspiration String Art

For The Home

Gardening With Dinosaur Dogs

Its the first day of Spring! We are excited... can't you tell?  The sun is really cutting into naptime. Been juggling house projects, shop orders, and this head/chest cold that will not go away.   Lets throw in a gardening project for the heck of it.  Every year around this time I tell myself to get… Continue reading Gardening With Dinosaur Dogs


Thrifting and Owl Tot Moccs

Thrifing has found its way into my life once again. Lets be honest, its cheap, unique, and I'm always up for a challenge.  Craigslist has been the major culprit and I've gotten pretty lucky on some really good finds for the house (blog posts to come).  My crafty friend and I ventured out on a rainy day… Continue reading Thrifting and Owl Tot Moccs


Spring Crochet Heart Hair Clips

Spring is coming! I forgot how much I love to crochet these small hearts.  They are quick to make up and can be used for so many different things.  This day I was in the mood for hair clips. I picked up some simple metal snap hair clips and grabbed some left over yarn in… Continue reading Spring Crochet Heart Hair Clips


Yellow Puff Stitch Cowl and Sink Fountains

The puff stitch is one of my favorite crochet stitches and is very fun to create with.  I've got quite a stash going of these gorgeous infinity scarves, my favorite colors so far are the tiffany blue and canary yellow.  These scarves are light enough for spring yet warm enough for fall.  I am known… Continue reading Yellow Puff Stitch Cowl and Sink Fountains


Newest Character Hats

I used some of my free time this week to finally whip up some of the character hats on my never ending project wish list.   With no pattern, my trusty hooks, some trial and error, and signature character colors... here's what I was able to create... Plex - Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa - Yo Gabba… Continue reading Newest Character Hats


Baseball Themed Coffee Cozy and No Shame in the Crochet Game

This was my attempt at a baseball coffee cup cozy.  I made it in San Francisco Giants colors as a gift request for a baseball fan.  Sometimes the smallest projects are the most challenging! The tiny "baseball" was tough, but it looks really cool! My husband and I like to getaway from our daily grind… Continue reading Baseball Themed Coffee Cozy and No Shame in the Crochet Game


Minion Coffee Cozy

I took a break today between R2D2 hat orders to get this little coffee cozy off my mind. I have been thinking about it for couple days and its been burning a hole in the front of my brain! Was an experimental project but I love how it turned out. This size fits around disposable… Continue reading Minion Coffee Cozy


Toddler Fleece Button Scarf

I have way too many projects on my waiting list right now. There just aren't enough hours in the day! Luckily this toddler scarf was quick and fairly simple to create. It is the latest addition to the Toddler Scarf collection. This one is done in 2 different layers of fleece and has a unique… Continue reading Toddler Fleece Button Scarf


Gobble Gobble Turkey Hat

Things have been busy on the home front. Carving out time to fill orders and keep up with house projects. I snuck a happy project somewhere in the midst of all that. Couldn't wait to experiment with ribbon and add it to my little "turkey". I think it came out pretty good.


Little Boy’s Firefighter Garland

I was excited to work on a custom Firefighter Garland this week for a good friend. Had to special order the fabric and the anticipation of the delivery was driving me nuts! Couldn't wait to get it done. Here are the triangles all cut out and ready to be put together Typically garland of this… Continue reading Little Boy’s Firefighter Garland


Etsy Listings This Week

Its been a busy week after a vacation.  Catching up with things and getting around to listing some items for the Fall.  Here is a snap shot of the items added this week.  Head on over and take a peek! Candy Corn Baby Booties Signature Crochet Boots Pink and Black Houndstooth Baby Leggings Moose Baby… Continue reading Etsy Listings This Week


Paper Heart Garland

When decorating for a party, it is nice to have something unique and eye-catching.  However, finding something that is not typical party decor can be a little difficult.  It can be costly for "stock" disposable cliché garland and banners so I why not change that! I purchased a large heart craft punch at my local… Continue reading Paper Heart Garland


Yellow and Black Burp Cloths

I can't help but want to collect all of the beautiful fabrics I come across.  Getting them in fat quarters makes it easier on the wallet too!  These yellow prints have been sitting in my stash for almost 1 year now so it is finally time they had their moment to shine.  A tiny amount… Continue reading Yellow and Black Burp Cloths


Heart Gladiator Sandals

Another one of our very own creations, the baby girl heart sandal!  I love em for summer.  Design was a little tricky but after a few attempts I think I got it all figured out. I've made the sandals available in the shop for sizes newborn-18 months.  This pair in 0-3 months is looking for… Continue reading Heart Gladiator Sandals


Cabin Fever Sewing

Ivy the Dane joined the spayed club this week...and as a result I have been on "Ivy watch".  She has definitely enjoyed the pampering and now at 5 days post op she is getting back to her playful self.  I never mind her company, I look forward to it.... but not being able to leave her… Continue reading Cabin Fever Sewing