Thrifting and Owl Tot Moccs

Thrifing has found its way into my life once again. Lets be honest, its cheap, unique, and I’m always up for a challenge.  Craigslist has been the major culprit and I’ve gotten pretty lucky on some really good finds for the house (blog posts to come).  My crafty friend and I ventured out on a rainy day to the Alameda Antiques Fair earlier this month and scored some pretty awesome deals!  Here is a pic of our joint spoils:

(keep an eye on the brown leather jacket on the cool metal chair)


Ivy the Dane shared in our excitement for our big day


That is what a smiling dog looks like

Anyway, remember the leather jacket?  I snatched it up at a booth that had a pile of old leather coats for sale.  My first thought, ::gasp::  “cheap, good leather?!”.  Not only could I recycle some awesome leather, but its better than buying expensive hydes!  So after narrowing it down, I picked out the super soft caramel colored Michael Jackson era jacket.  I told my husband it was for him, but in between my giggles I think he knew I was only kidding.  I still made him model it for me….

leather jacket

I was anxious to get my scissors working on a new life for this jacket.  Baby moccasins would be perfect!!


I started with the sleeves, I knew I could get atleast 1-2 pairs out of each sleeve.


 I cut around the seams to try to keep as much continuous fabric as possible


Look at this beautiful piece fo leather!


And now the jacket is morphing into a cool vest, hehe.  I started imagining the Michael Jackson song “Thriller” at this point.


I then very carefully cut the little moccasin shoes out by trying not to waste any of the precious leather. I wanted to mix the leather with some owl printed fabric that matched perfectly.


A little sewing and a some elastic later….

leather moccs

The cutest Southwest inspired baby moccasins.

leather moccasin

These shoes are great for new little walkers.  The leather which has held up for who knows how long as a jacket, will continue to be durable on tiny feet.

I was proud of my happy project which came from an UP-cylced item.

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