Cabin Fever Sewing

Ivy the Dane joined the spayed club this week…and as a result I have been on “Ivy watch”.  She has definitely enjoyed the pampering and now at 5 days post op she is getting back to her playful self.  I never mind her company, I look forward to it…. but not being able to leave her side let alone leave the house for a couple of days was taking a toll on my sanity.  Good thing my craft room is on the 1st floor of our home,  she found a comfy spot on the floor to watch me work. 

ivy great dane

With the crochet slow down during the summertime, I’ve been slowly tackling my long list of sewing projects.  Rarely do I get to finish something for myself so this week was perfect opportunity for that.  My mom often gives me fabric from her ever-growing stash and I’ve this red rayon set aside for a long maxi style skirt.  I took the time to use an actual pattern so that I wouldn’t make major mistakes.  Sadly, sewing patterns remind me how un-proportioned my body is and how the sizing charts are not fair to most women.  I’ve always had to modify a pattern, for one reason or another.  I’m short, pear-shaped,  and did I mention short. 

red skirt

Turned out a very easy A-line skirt with elastic waist band.  The red color is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I’m trying to color my summer up a little.  This picture shows the red brighter than it actually is.

red skirt

Even though I double checked all my measurements, I misjudged the width of the elastic I was using and the waistband ended up needing more of a seam allowance than I had allotted for.  So I lost some fabric to the top which didn’t leave me much for a hem at the bottom.  But I don’t mind an accidental skinny hem.

red skirt

I have some more fabric on order for some comfy maxi skirts.  Excited to get happy mail!

The sewing didn’t stop there.  I have a pile of baby gift projects stacked up, yelling at me for attention.  Since I had my serger out, I took advantage and sewed up some baby blankets.  I was excited about this mustache knit I ordered from GlamFabrics 


This knit is good for baby clothes but I love it for a swaddling blanket.  I kept going with other fabrics I have for swaddling blankets but didn’t get any snap shots of them.. yet!

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