Paper Heart Garland

When decorating for a party, it is nice to have something unique and eye-catching.  However, finding something that is not typical party decor can be a little difficult.  It can be costly for “stock” disposable cliché garland and banners so I why not change that!

I purchased a large heart craft punch at my local craft store.  These specialty punchers range in price and aren’t always cheap but they are a great investment and worth every penny.  I paid $10 for mine with my coupon.  I then searched the scrap-book paper aisle for something that would match our party colors.  There are soooo many options available in the giant combo paper pads.  My favorite were by Recollections.

I punched away until I couldn’t anymore.  My plan was to sew, yes sew, the paper hearts together in long strands.

heart cutout

There is a lot of stop and go when sewing these little guys together but the end result is worth it.

heart garland

They string across anywhere beautifully!  I kept the strands to about 5 ft long so that they wouldn’t get tangled up when not in use.  Makes it easy to wrap around a cardboard square for storing.

heart garland

I might not take these down for a while after the party is said and done =)

Dog chronicle of the day:

Ivy our Great Dane had an eventful weekend at Grandma’s house.  She has a very bad habit of jumping up onto our sliding glass door at home to try to get our attention when she wants to be let into the house.  Well, Ivy decided to try the same attention getter on the single pane glass window to the garage.  She shattered the glass and sliced her paw open.  The vet used a form of liquid stitches (glue) to try to close the giant cut on the underside of her ‘toe’.  Because the injury is on her foot, it is making it difficult to heal properly.  Hoping the glue will hold and she wont have to be sedated for stitches.  But she is definitely milking the attention.

great dane

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