Springtime Crochet Owls

I’ve been so preoccupied with house projects that my poor crochet hooks have started to feel neglected.  To remind myself how much I love that craft I brought out some of my favorite owl creations that were stashed away.  Took the opportunity to photograph them for the Etsy store.

This toddler “purse” is done in a single crochet using 2 strands of multicolored cotton.  The eyes and wing appliques were experimental.  Used some matching buttons from the randoms jar for the center of the eyes.

crochet owl purse

Can even be used as a little basket!

crochet owl

Accompanying the little bag is this pink and brown baby owl hat

crochet owl hat

The pattern for this owl hat is from Repeat Crafter Me.  Some great crochet patterns and tutorials over on the blog. Check it out here.

Dog Chronicles:

This is Ivy being sad that she has destroyed her beloved little reindeer toy.  He is now de-stuffed, and antler-less.  Luckily I got him on clearance after Christmas.  I was surprised she babied him for this long.  RIP little reindeer.

great dane

~Appiu Mucho~

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