Rescued Coffee Sack Tote

Here is my latest labor of love.  Large Central American burlap coffee sacks  upcycled into a must have summer tote!  I love that every coffee sack is unique with different markings and stamps so no one bag is exactly the same.  The size of the sacks allow enough burlap fabric for 2 tote bags.  Burlap can be cumbersome to work with because its such a coarse fabric but a heavy-duty sewing needle, upholstery thread, and some ‘not so fancy scissors’ proved to be exactly what I needed.  Another con about working with the burlap is that along with my cutting table and machines being covered in the tiny sharp fibers, by the end of the day I was also completely covered in them! 


 Super cool fun facts about coffee (or “hot ahpee” as my son used to call it)

  •    The top three coffee-producing countries in 2011 (measured in thousands of bags –  one  bag weighs 6o kilograms or 132 lbs) are:

               1) Brazil 54,500
               2) Vietnam 18,725
               3) Colombia 9,500

  •   Coffee is the second most traded product in the world – just behind oil!

My attraction to these coffee sacks is fitting, anyone who knows me knows I can’t live without a cup… or a few.

Back to the latest obsession.  I chose a tote design that would be fully lined and ready to withstand some mileage.  One style (not yet pictured) includes canvass straps for a more casual tote while the other more stylish bag has custom faux leather straps.  The idea for the straps came from Emmalinebags.  Like her, I had a hard time finding affordable and accessible pre-made straps.  She does a great tutorial on making your own affordable handbag straps out of vinyl.   The faux leather look changes the look of the bag into something more stylish.  Included in all of the bags is a small side pocket perfect for a phone and keys.  I’m jealous I have not had time to make one of these for myself because they are amazing! 


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  1. Would love to purchase one of the coffee
    Sack totes with faux leather strap…please
    e-mail me ordering information.
    Thank you

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