Little Lambs and Dog Selfies

After seeing the most adorable photo print of a tiny lamb while visiting Napa, I found myself searching Instagram for the hashtag #lamb and #lambing to fill my heart with the over overflowing cuteness.  I know nothing about lambs or sheep as farm animals, except I want one…or a few…. like a little girl wants a pony.  Since we don’t live on a ranch and Instagram will have to continue to fulfill my lamb cuteness meter, I thought I would make a baby hat.

crochet lamb hat

After some trial and error….Success! Gonna try a few color styles and maybe add a chunky flower for a girl’s hat.  You can find it here in the Etsy shop.  Now if I can just find a baby to model as a little lamb….

Dog Chronicles:

My husband recently surprised me with the amazing gift of my very first DSLR camera.  I have been wanting one and researching for the longest time, thinking I would wait for my birthday later this summer to finally pull the trigger on a “grown up” camera.  Now I can share even better dog selfies!

Ivy is a pro model now and wags her tail at the site of the camera.

ivy great dane



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