Bathroom Renovation Reveal!

Our Jeffrey Court renovation marathon has come to an end and the bathroom is finished!  6 Weeks of planning and hard work have paid off.  The result is the bathroom I envisioned and I could not be happier with the end result.

I am most proud of the attention to detail we dedicated on every square inch of this space.

The peekaboo penny tile backsplash is one of those details.  It is my absolute favorite thing and though it covers a fairly small area compared to the other two Jeffrey Court tiles in this space, it was quite a labor of love.  I spent two days carefully picking out mortar and grout with a dental tool so that I could get the look I was after.  I could not let go of wanting to have the top of the first row exposed and this is one of those times I am thankful I am that stubborn.

The tone on tone of the matte tile on the black walls is big MOOD.

This hall bath has a small footprint and the bold hexagon tile on the floor was meant to have an impact and it does not disappoint.

The glossy white tiles on the shower surround continue on the back wall and it makes for quite the statement especially paired with the patterned tile.  I am glad we chose the horizontal stacked tile pattern thru ought.

The same 4×12 tiles wrap around the bottom half of the other side and is contrasted by the penny tile and a simple yet bold paint color.  

The black metal organizer and toilet handle pop against the white, while also making my heart race cus I just live this color combination so very much.

This small area is functional yet made beautiful with these small details.

The matte black wall continues up onto the ceiling and now I want to paint all of my ceilings black!

The old medicine cabinet has been given a facelift and now serves as hidden storage while also displaying art.  I specifically created this frame so that I could change out the artwork whenever I feel like it.  It looks like its just a picture frame hanging on a wall and you would never know it opens right up to store guest bathroom goodies.

The custom pink floating vanity and brass light fixture were chosen specifically to soften the masculine feel of the black and white.  I wanted to show that pink can be done in a bathroom and it doesn’t have to be “girly”. I was originally inspired by the Restoration Hardware version of this light and luckily Shades of Light had a similar one that was in our budget.

Luckily my husband trusted me enough with this vision and didn’t protest it one bit.  If I ever change my mind I can just repaint the drawer fronts and switch out the towels.  The base of black and white tiles is timeless.

Believe me when I say its ALL IN THE DETAILS.  The edge on this round mirror I found has a slim wood trim which ended matching right up with the wood trim I wanted to use to separate the penny tile from the glossy white tiles.  Sure maybe no one will even notice that its there, but I KNOW, and it makes me happy. 

There were some design changes that were necessary along the way and that’s something you have to be prepared for when undertaking any home project.  Partway through I realized the original shower door I wanted that had black gridlines was going to compete with the black lines created by the now grouted shower tiles.  We quickly decided to go with the plain shower door to highlight the grid created by the tiles all the way around.

I skimmed the walls and the ceiling to drop down the heavy texture.  I knew I either was going to paint it a matte color or go with wallpaper. Both of those options was going to require a smoother texture than what was there before.  It was not an easy task and quite messy, but sooooo worth it. Look at the backdrop it creates for everything!

Keeping in mind that I wanted the tone on tone with the black, we made sure the light switches, power outlet, air vent, and fan all were a satin or gloss black color to compliment.  This adds to the mood and modern feel.

With this being a guest bath, it isn’t openly cluttered with all the things typically found in a the everyday used bathroom.  Yet there is plenty of storage in the deep vanity drawers and medicine cabinet for when we have guests.

I might not ever tire of the view of this floor as you walk in to the magical bathroom that speaks my love language.

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