DIY Simple Pegboard

We’ve long stored our tools and painting supplies on a simple pegboard wall in our garage. We’ve had this type of set up in every house we’ve lived in and was one of the first projects we took care of in this house 3 years ago.

I love that this can be done on a budget, takes up very little space (depth wise), and is a way to keep everything neatly organized and out of the way.

We were starting to run out of room on the main pegboard wall so we decided to add another pegboard section on an adjacent wall that will be dedicated to paint supplies.

this wall is the perfect spot

We purchased a 4′ x 8′ sheet of pegboard from The Home Depot for just under $20. One side will be painted white and the other will be unpainted.

We measured the space on the wall and cut down the sheet to fit using our Ryobi circular saw.

I gathered some scrap 1″x2″ lumber that will be mounted on the wall, against the studs, to serve as support for the pegboard. The wood will also create a gap behind the pegboard that will be necessary for the use of pegboard hooks and accessories.

We mounted the 1″x2″ pieces of wood to the wall, first drilling pilot holes so that the wood wouldn’t split on us. These pieces don’t have to be perfect, they just have to provide the necessary support.

After a quick dry fit to make sure our measurements were good and everything was level, we cut out the necessary access for the outlet using our Ryobi jigsaw.

Then we were ready to mount the pegboard onto the wood pieces. We simply placed screws thru some of the existing holes that overlapped onto the wood.

This is the space (that we will need) between the pegboard and the wall I mentioned earlier.

It was that simple to get it mounted on the wall!

Time to organize this wall. We made it a family affair and got it done in no time.

Here are some of my favorite, tried and true pegboard accessories (click on photo caption for links)

By far the most asked about accessory is the power tool hook. I like these because they are coated making the contact between the hook and the tool a soft one. This cuts down on wear and tear of your tools over time.

Having these spaces organized makes it easy to create when we dive into projects. We are more likely to put supplies way when everything has its place. This project was done in one afternoon for the cost of the $20 pegboard. Using scrap lumber, peg accessories we already had, and other creative storage solutions we created a brand new paint supply station. You can watch the full time lapse video on Igtv, linked below.

I hope it helps you create one too!

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