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Operation ‘Organize All The Things’

I LOVE an organized life.  I feel like our home runs smoothly when things are organized and in their place.  We have had our home for 3 years now and have been putting our stamp on the place little by little.

I got some really cool power tools for Christmas and couldn’t wait to put ’em to use!  First on the list was organizing the tools themselves before starting on any new projects.  After searching the ends of the internet and creating a full Pinterest board, we decided on a very purposeful and space saving idea of a garage pegboard storage wall.  I found a very inspiring tutorial at The Creative Exchange which only requires 6 inches of wall depth and can serve countless jobs!!  After figuring out the logistics for our garage wall, we got right to work.

We chose this (wasted) space along side the door that leads to the interior of the house.

photo 11

Following the instructions in the tutorial, we put up the 1 x 2 strips of wood to support the peg boards that were going to go up.

photo 12

I didn’t get very many pics but I promise its the exact same as the way described in the original tutorial.   The peg boards went up FAST and EASY!  The 1 x 6 boards that surround it serve as really good storage for spray paint and all other miscellaneous bottles.

photo 13

We totally underestimated the amount of hooks and baskets we were gonna need, so this project will require 1 more trip to the hardware store before its complete and all the way organized.  Now everything is in view and a reach away. LOVE it!

photo 2

The garage wall took only a few hours and we were left with fuel to keep on organizing.  Since the garage project was more for me, we took on my husband’s massive shoe collection.  He has long wanted shelving for his footwear and we were gonna make it happen!  Off to Ikea we went…

This was our solution using PAX wardrobe.


We even got the fancy slide out drawer trays for ties and watches.  He was just as happy with his closet addition as I was with the garage wall.  In one weekend we were able to tackle 2 major players at the top of our to do list =D

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