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UPcycle – Entry Way Table

FINALLY!  After more than 1 year of searching for the perfect entry way “table”… I found it!

Remember this progress pic of the entryway?

door divider

I had a vision for this super tiny area next to the front door.  The amount of time and energy I’ve spent on this corner is a little much, but if I’m gonna look at it everyday it better be good.

I hit up my go to treasure hunting store Restore and Rework in Castro Valley.  This place is amazing!  Inspiration is everywhere.

thrift store

Cisco the owner is very helpful in brainstorming ideas and will even modify and paint pieces for you!  I left there with one of the best hauls ever.

This is the new and improved entry:

thrify entry way

I’m crazy excited about the vintage suitcase stool combo! The suitcase top is sturdy and flat enough to act as a table top.  (not to mention there is storage on the inside of the suitcase!) The stool gives the exact height I was looking for.  It all comes together perfectly under the rescued mirror.  As you can see the tag is still on the stool as I was too excited to put it all together.  I’ve since cleaned it all up and removed the tags.  Just when I thought I was done with this area…. I’ve convinced myself I should paint the walls white… sigh.  I know, I know… I just painted.  This space lacks natural light and is dark year round. Everything will look so much better with lightened up walls.  Plus all of these little gems will stand out so much more.  Stay tuned for that painting party.


Puppy Chronicles

The pups have been extra loving recently.  They sense every mood change.  Sometimes I feel like we ask too much of them.  In return I spoil the crap outta them.

Optimus sleeps the night away in his comfy crate, and he loves it.  We’ve got a routine in the morning to let him up on the bed.  This results in him letting us sleep in a little longer as well as some awesome cuddles.  Luckily we have a King size bed, but that might not be enough room pretty soon as he is getting gigantic.  Anyone who has owned a Dane knows the struggle is real.  This was my view when I tried to sneak out of the bed this morning.

photo 3

As Ivy was nice and cozy curled up at the foot of the bed, he was crushing me.  There is not one ounce of gracefulness in this guys body.  I heart them so hard.

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  1. i adore that stool/suitcase stand! i wonder if i can pull off something like that in my house – when my ‘entryway’ is even more non existant than yours! and your dogs are so great. =) i love that you share your adventures with us all

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