A week in our lives

Still playing the 2015 catch up game at Casa Chavez.  Our to do lists are never ending alongside the bazillion hours we work a week.  We cram every second of our day with something to do and it is beneficial yet hazardous at the same time.

Here is this past week in a nutshell

What I consider a bad day at the office… when 3 needles on 3 different machines break, all in the same day!

sewing needles

Optimus patiently waiting for me as I get ready upstairs.  This guy is stuck to me like gum when I’m home with them.

great dane puppy

I adopted a 7 foot long pallet. Its amazing. I cant wait to use it!  The dilemma is: should I keep it intact or take it apart??!  The backlog of DIY projects is starting to weigh heavy on me.  Dangit.

pallet DIY

I try hard to keep up with my other half in the gym.  I’m not in there as much as I wish I was but I do try… the battle to not be chunky is real!  He is in there every single day.  Sometimes twice a day.  eeeek.  Then I remember, “I have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé”…. and I throw my stretchy pants on and lug my bee-hind to the gym.

workout fitness

The shirt is from Support Military Muscle, it reads: Remember Everyone Deployed.  I love this snapshot of him being mid leg lift, especially cus leg lifts are such a Marine thing.  I was taking a break from the not-leg lifts I was doing.

There you have it!  Go out, do something today. Don’t catch yourself being “bored”.

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