Yellow and Black Burp Cloths

I can't help but want to collect all of the beautiful fabrics I come across.  Getting them in fat quarters makes it easier on the wallet too!  These yellow prints have been sitting in my stash for almost 1 year now so it is finally time they had their moment to shine.  A tiny amount… Continue reading Yellow and Black Burp Cloths


Red and Gray Chevron Burp Cloths

I've been eyeing some awesome fabric combinations for some baby burp cloth gift sets.  I couldn't wait to put together this red and gray set!  I absolutely love the chevrons (who doesn't right now).  Its gender neutral and modern.  I have an extra set available in the shop which I will be sad to see… Continue reading Red and Gray Chevron Burp Cloths


Cabin Fever Sewing

Ivy the Dane joined the spayed club this week...and as a result I have been on "Ivy watch".  She has definitely enjoyed the pampering and now at 5 days post op she is getting back to her playful self.  I never mind her company, I look forward to it.... but not being able to leave her… Continue reading Cabin Fever Sewing


Nursing Scarf

Crochet has taken up most of my time lately that my sewing to-do list keeps getting longer and longer.  I've been really excited about making this project and was waiting for some new fabric I ordered from FABULACE on Etsy.  I bought a super soft knit jersey in a gorgeous leopard print that was going to… Continue reading Nursing Scarf


Craft Art

I ordered this amazing little find from Craftique Redux via Etsy.  It's a small art print on a beautiful wood piece.  Came across it as I was "window shopping" some Etsy listings, it spoke to me.  Very simple and it reminds me of my mom and I.  My mom who has quite a humble background,… Continue reading Craft Art

Crochet · Sewing

Harvest Festival – our first craft fair

The first Chucks For Chancho showing was a success. Spent some quality time with my sister, the new Chucks For Chancho contributor. We met some great people and got great feeback about our crafts. It's always uplifting when a complete stranger honestly appreciates something you've created from scratch with your own hands. Leading up to… Continue reading Harvest Festival – our first craft fair