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Harvest Festival – our first craft fair


The first Chucks For Chancho showing was a success. Spent some quality time with my sister, the new Chucks For Chancho contributor. We met some great people and got great feeback about our crafts. It’s always uplifting when a complete stranger honestly appreciates something you’ve created from scratch with your own hands.

Leading up to the day was stressful as we tried to prepare for an event we were not familiar with. We wondered if we would have enough of the right items to display and sell. Using up our bits of free time to create what we could was well worth it. I crocheted my signature baby ugg booties, and Cristina knitted as many hats and scarves as she could. The women’s accessories we had were more popular than we anticipated, outselling the baby items. My favorite quote from one booth admirer “who doesn’t love a good knit!”. I love our baby items, but we realized moms need love too!

It wasn’t just the crocheting, knitting, and sewing we worked on. We took into account the presentation of our items, packaging, tagging, etc. Using twine and ribbon to wrap things up beautifully. With, one of my favorite printing sites, we had Chucks For Chancho cards available for prospective followers. Good thing I ordered extra the week before because we ran out of cards!

I have to give credit to my sister Cristina, she is a way better ‘people person’ than I am. She has unbelievable people skills and is the master of stranger-small-talk. I don’t consider myself to be nearly as approachable or friendly. As a result, she has earned herself the lead position at the Chucks For Chancho Customer Service department. I will stick to the much less personal Internet sales and email correspondence, where I can proof read my conversations.

Seeing familiar faces come and support us was wonderful. Saw an old friend of 18 years (can’t believe we are that old now) who made my day by driving out to see us.



Our scarves remind me of candy colors.

We were exhausted by the end of the day but it was worth all the planning and hard work. Thank you to everyone that roots for us and sends love our way.

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