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sewing art print

I ordered this amazing little find from Craftique Redux via Etsy.  It’s a small art print on a beautiful wood piece.  Came across it as I was “window shopping” some Etsy listings, it spoke to me.  Very simple and it reminds me of my mom and I.  My mom who has quite a humble background, has been sewing pretty much her entire life.  I’ve always watched, helped, and tried to learn what I could from her.  There is something about the girl pictured in the print that I feel represents this basic yet valuable craft that is passed down from one generation to the next.  Some things my mom has taught me that I would probably never learn in a fancy sewing school.  Just as she learned them out of basic necessity years ago with no formal training.  I love that she is pictured barefoot.  When I’m in my work room, I too like to work with no shoes.  I feel like I have more control over the pressure on the sewing machine that way.  Plus I’m more comfortable.  She’s currently on my bulletin board as a happy reminder of my roots.  Looking for the perfect permanent spot for her. 

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