Bathroom Reno Homestretch and Why Taking Your Time is Important!

We are well in to week 5 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

The amount of Jeffrey Court tile we took on for this room was intense.  Its taken us 3 weeks to inch our way towards being able to grout.  Partly because we have spent a good amount planning and prepping so that the end results would hold up well.  I’m sharing how this is adding value to our home in partnership with

Typically when people hear “DIY” they think amateur unskilled work was involved.  By no means are we contractors or expert builders, however we put in 100% into every home project.  This renovation is adding value to our home because of the high quality products we have chosen combined with the attention to detail we give to all of our projects.  We know down the road if we ever decide to sell our home, another family will not only be able to appreciate the unique and custom parts of the house but they will have been executed correctly!  Our home will stand out compared to the other builder grade houses in our neighborhood and we take great pride in that.

A bathroom is an intimate space that every individual spends some time in.  There are obviously must haves for every washroom, I like to elevate that a little into ‘nice to haves’.  For example storage is a must have for families, its also nice to have beautiful and even hidden storage!  I’m tackling this by revamping our old medicine cabinet and bringing it up to date. I cleaned it up and spray painted the inside black for a more modern look.  I am going to add a hinged picture frame to the front in place of the old mirror so that it still serves its purpose for storage but can display artwork.

I am also working on some other details for the room.  While I was at with the spray paint, I pulled the vent cover and fan cover down from the ceiling for the same treatment.

The ceiling will be painted black so these will blend right in. This is the attention to detail that makes these fixtures look thought out and ‘nice to have’.  Even though they look expensive, we saved some money by reusing the existing accessories and giving the a facelift.

We finished up the last of the tile pieces and prepared to grout.

We followed Jeffrey Court manufacturer instructions for the grout, choosing the color Charcoal!  After lots of deliberating I landed on the dark color.  It was going to add a contrast and make the glossy white tiles pop.

Grouting with a dark color over white tiles can be scary!  It looks like you’ve ruined all of your hard work as it smears all over the place but trust the process!!  As long as you follow instructions it will all clean up, I promise.

See, cleans right up =)

1 week closer to the reveal of a finished modern bathroom!  My goal is for nothing in this room to look like an afterthought.  Every detail has a purpose and has passed the Monica test for ‘nice to have’ mixed in with the ‘must haves’.  

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