Crochet Hair Clips

Crochet Hair Clips

After crocheting up some fun hearts and flowers, I FINALLY figured out how to attach the tiny motifs to hair clips!

crochet heart hair clips

Here is what the backs look like with tiny little “hats” sewn onto the clips to keep the motif in place.

crochet heart hair clip

Idea for how to attach the little guy came from Crocheterie.  She’s got a good post about how to attach flowers to hair clips.

This is what her clip cover looks like:

crochet hair clip

Unfortunately I couldn’t really follow along with her tutorial because I wasnt working with the same materials she used.  So I took my worsted yarn (she used yarn thread) and created my own little clip “hat” pattern using the magic circle method.

I grabbed my tiny hearts and new hair clips and went to town

crochet heart

The pattern for specific heart is here at Skip To My Lou.  I’ve tried a few different crochet heart patterns and this one is by far my favorite.

I even added a few tiny flowers to the party

crochet flower hair clip

The free pattern for this flower can be found here

Can’t wait to see wha the response is for these little gems at our craft fair next week!

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