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Potting Bench & Garden Center

This project is sponsored by Fiskars

I have been wanting to upgrade our mini planter bench for the last year.  Our old bench that we built back in 2018, using these Ana White’s plans, was no longer able to keep up with my garden needs.  After this first day, the poor table was cramped and overflowing with stuff.  I could no longer find my everyday garden tools buried underneath soil and terra cotta pots.

2018 – small potting bench out of 2×4

I had dreams of a garden center, HofE style, with all the space to organize and store all of my essential garden tools and accessories.

Well it finally happened! Thanks to my friends at Fiskars we leveled up on our potting bench, BIG TIME.

We used these plans from Build Something as a reference.  My non negotiable for this project were an awning or covering of some sort, lots of counter space, and storage underneath.  The plans contained a supplies list and detailed illustrations which were very helpful.

We got to building using redwood lumber to ensure the bench would weather the elements and last a long time.

Right away you could see how much larger the new bench was going to be compered to the old one.  I was also happy that the spot where the new garden center was going to live was a perfect use of wall space.  The scale was just right.  

I cut down the widths of some boards to size and Ruben took care of the base and roof supports.  Assembly required a saw, screws, and a pocket screw jig.  The original plans for this build include doors for the bottom portion but we are leaving ours open.

The most challenging part of the build was when I opted to tackle finishing the roof portion on my own.  Lifting and installing the heavy piece of plywood was not easy but I did it!

I really liked the look of the spaced out horizontal slats for the back wall.  This was going to be a good place to store tools and easy to grab accessories.  Organizing is my jam!  I could not wait to get everything assigned to a new permanent home.

The main reason for an awning or mini “roof” is because I wanted my Fiskars tools to be somewhat protected year round.  I like having things in sight and easily accessible and as close to the garden areas as possible.  I had tried storing my snips and loppers in the garage but it was becoming a hassle to make the back and forth trips.  

I used my Fiskars hammer to hang some heavy duty galvanized nails that were a great choice to mount the hand tools on.  I’ll be keeping the hammer on the bench as well for when I need to assign a new storage location to an item or install gardening staples nearby.

My junior gardener is just as excited as I am about the new outdoor hub.  He immediately wanted to test it out and get to work.

My preferred type of pot is terra cotta.  I have them in all sizes.  Not only are they inexpensive but I love the look the post bring to both indoor and outdoor plants.

I use my Fiskars herb snips almost daily for harvesting fresh herbs from the garden.  Its reassuring to know my plants will remain healthy and keep providing me with kitchen staples because I’m using quality tools.

The thoughtful design and ergonomic features built in to all of the Fiskars yard and garden tools are obvious and appreciated by a user like me.

The space saving, collapsible garden bag is going to come in handy for yard waste collecting as we make our rounds around the back and front yards.

I finally have a cushy kneeling pad that I can take with me from planter box to planter box!

I have plans for soil storage bins that will live on the bottom shelf.  Oh and maybe I’ll add a ledge to the empty top area and an undermounted container into the counter top to help when repotting plants!  The possibilities are endless for our new garden center, and our trees, plants, and shrubs are going to be so happy for many seasons to come.

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