Crochet Ombre Zipper Pouch

Another PINspiration project!  Have you seen this beautiful yellow/black ombre crochet basket floating around Pinterest?  Its gorgeous!! 

crochet yellow ombre basket

Crochet in Color has an easy to follow tutorial for this exact basket.  It was on my project list for quite some time and when I finally got to it, I realized I didn’t have enough of the yarn to make this size large basket.  I have tons of yarn remnants that are perfect for a ombre project but not enough for a pattern that calls for quadrupling the yarn thruought the project. 

yellow yarn balls

I was a little sad… until I realized I could make something else! 

I needed something that was small, easy, and would work up fast.  A small bag was exactly what I was looking for.  The whole pouch was worked in single crochet changing colors every 2 rows.  I decided to add a zipper to make it super functional (that part wasn’t easy).  After the zipper I slip stitched the bottom shut.

crochet yellow zipper bag 

crochet ombre bag

Could be a make up bag, small clutch, or for crocheting/knitting tools.  I got my ombre project and am excited to try other colors!  Its a perfect way to use up left over bits of yarn.

5 thoughts on “Crochet Ombre Zipper Pouch

    1. This particular pouch was done in the round, and then flattened to resemble the rectangle. I have done it in a rectangle in the past, and joined the sides to close it up….I didnt like the visible seam. I sewed the zipper in by hand. Doing the entire pouch in single crochet makes the stitching tight enough that lining is not necessary. Although it would look beautiful lines.

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