DIY – Headband Holder

There are so many beautiful handcrafted headbands on Etsy for girls.  Flowers, bows, feathers, you name it.  Here are some of my favorites with the links to their shops.

etsy headband   etsy feather headband

etsy bow headband  etsy headband

etsy pink headband  etsy headband

Aren’t they gorgeous?!  The dilemma is where to put them once your little one gets a collection of headbands going.  In searching the perfect solution, I put together some ideas and the result was an inexpensive headband display/holder made from a recycled oatmeal container!

oatmeal container headband holder

Using some items I already had, I was able to put together something unexpected and extremely useful. 

A large empty oatmeal container is the perfect size/width for headbands to wrap around. 

oatmeal container

But it’s not very appealing to the eye in its original oatmeal wrapping.  I hit my fabric stash and grabbed a pretty print.  It’s amazing how a beautiful piece of fabric can transform something.

As I wrapped the fabric around the container, I realized the thin cotton I was using was not thick enough to conceal the bright paper wrapping underneath it.  I solved this problem by adding a layer of cotton batting with some spray glue.

oatmeal container for headband holder    oatmeal container headband holder

Then came the layer of fabric.  My OCD forced me to iron the fabric and fold down a neat edges where the ends of the fabric would be exposed.  I sprayed a thin layer of the adhesive onto the wrong side of the fabric and then carefully rolled the container onto it.

headband holder    headband holder    headband holder

Here’s where I went the extra mile…. I took the plastic lid from the oatmeal container and cut a circle of fabric about 2 inches wider.  I used that to cover the lid in order to give a finished look for the headband holder.  The best part about that is with the lid being fully functional, the inside of the large container can be used to store accessories!!  Just make sure the inside of the container has been thoroughly wiped out otherwise you’ll find bits of tiny oats floating around.

headband holder

 The holder could be used this way but I really wanted to add something else to dress it up.  A candle holder works perfect as a pedestal!  That was the only item I went out to purchase to complete this project.  At my local Home Goods store, I found a very inexpensive candle holder ($6) that matched perfectly.  Using some hot glue to join the two together… we have a headband holder all ready to store and display all those fancy accessories.

headband holder

Here it is in action at one of our craft fairs.  I put all the headbands inside the container during transport and then staggered them for display during our set up.

headband holder

I’m a huge fan of resourceful, creative craft and this one definitely falls in that category.  Try it out!

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  1. can’t wait to get started on this project. Luckly l like and eat oatmeal every morning!! Just have never bought the larger container. Thanks for the tips with corresponding photos. I am doing this for myself and thus my headbands are for an adult and I have been reluctant to purchase holders as I was unsure the width of the “holder” either to small or too large would stretch the headbands out.


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