A Ray of Sunshine From a Little Yellow Hat

My sister Cristina and I have been busy bees the last several weeks with our new-found passion.  Luckily crochet and sewing are keeping me focused and occupied during the holiday season. 

While in the midst of filling christmas orders for family, friends, strangers I had an unexpected moment of clarity.   It came from an order of one of the items listed in our Etsy shop.  A lot of what we handcraft and list is born out of inspiration and excited creativity, which comes in between all the specific requests we fill. 

I am still in love with the yellow and gray color combination for a child.  It is neutral (making a great gift), it is also vibrant and happy.  In keeping with this color combination I made up this toddler beanie with ear flaps.  Nothing fancy about it, just yellow with a gray stripe and trim. 

yellow crochet beanie toddler

This week my simple yellow hat found a home in Georgia with a 2-year-old autistic boy.  His mother was candid enough to say that with the speech delay he also tackles, he articulated to her that he wanted a yellow hat from Santa this year for Christmas.  Like any parent wanting to make their child happy, she went in search of that special yellow hat for her son.  I was overcome with emotion as I read her message and I couldn’t explain why.  Maybe it was the sympathy I felt for her as a mother.  This child is as special to her as my son was to me.  It was then that I realized THIS is why I do this.  The memory of my son is allowing me to bring joy to another family, even if it’s the smallest bit.  This proves the things we touch can uniquely affect others, enough for us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. 

I am more than happy to deliver this gift to Georgia on behalf of Santa.

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