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As you can see from previous posts most of my crafting time is spent crocheting and sewing different things.  I had tried to knit at one time but for some reason, I just couldn’t get it.  It was very different from crochet to me and the use of 2 needles was a bit frustrating.  My sister, Cristina, on the other hand feels the opposite is true for her.  She knits away some fabulous things and is convinced crochet is not in her realm.  Both crafts are very different and both result in some great accessories and winter wear.  Because of this fun fact, her and I make great partners!

These made me laugh

haaaaaa……ok ok enough of the funnies.  My stomach was starting to hurt a little from laughing.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to showcase some of Cristina’s recent work.  I love the textures that can be created from knitting, some of which cannot be accomplished with crochet.  At our recent craft fair, her women’s accessories were very popular.  Here are samples of some of her work I will be listing in the Etsy shop.

This knitted button up scarflet can be worn many different ways with its functional buttons.

Chunky ribbed scarflet

We call this one the ‘spade scarflet’ because of how the ends are shaped.

Neat thing about this one is it tucks into itself so that it can be easily gathered.  No buttons or knots needed.

Just so we can see the difference between the knit and crochet, here are examples of some chunky crochet cowls I love to wear.

See something you like?  I will be listing some of our favorites as they become available for the etsy shop.  We also love taking requests =)

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