DIY Modern Planter Box

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For years I have been wanting to build a space for a garden just off the kitchen. A space that would be as beautiful as it is functional. I had 3 non-negotiable for this project: U shaped with a bench, painted black, and with trellises for vining plants.

We sourced our redwood lumber, and got our Ariat workbooks on. I needed a little help getting the laces tied on my Macey boots, luckily my husband has been more than happy to help as my pregnancy progresses.

The area I had been eyeing for this kitchen garden laid covered in bricks and had gone completely unused for years. First step to get this project started was to clear the bricks.

Once I had my measurements and plans drawn out, I got to cutting down the redwood to size. Starting with the posts that would serve as supports for the interior corners. Now before I get started with any power tool, I make sure to check off all the safety boxes. This often starts with proper protective clothing however it has always been difficult for me to find well fitting AND durable women’s workwear. The Ariat FR basic work shirt not only impressed me with the quality but with the fit as well, even with my growing baby bump.

Once the lumber was cutdown, we double checked the first layer with a dry fit in the area the box would be going in. Once we were certain we had our measurements right, we started assembling the planter box. In order to make this massive 11ft x 5 ft planter box manageable to get into place, we constructed it in 2 pieces.

We built the U shape into the design so that the floating bench would fit inside of the “U”. We were going to have to wait until the box was stained and assembled before tackling that next phase.

I chose an outdoor weather resistant wood stain and sealer in one. This particular stain is tintable so of course I asked for it in Ebony.

Using a paint sprayer was a no brainer for a project this large. It took me 25 minutes total to spray the first coat on all of the pieces. Once the stain dried, we did give it a second coat to ensure good coverage and protection.

We moved the large planter box pieces into place over the soil patch and assembled the last of the supports and front panel. Next came filling it with topsoil and compost. It took a total of 4 cubic yards to fill the entire planter box! I will say, if these Ariat workboots can carry my very pregnant belly around all day while I work and keep me comfortable, they deserve an award!

With the soil in, we moved on to the floating bench. We kept the bench simple, with sturdy 2″x2″ redwood supports secured into the planer box. Then used 2 2″x6″ redwood boards to create the bench. Keeping the seat natural wood created a beautiful contrast against the black stain.

The trellis design was inspired by this original remesh tutorial. I knew I wanted 2 matching panels that would be 8 feet tall. I stained the 2″x2″ redwood lengths that would be for the frame with the same black I used on the planer box. These spring days were unusually warm and my Ariat VentTek shirt did a good job of keeping me cool.

Not only was this trellis set up inexpensive, it was easy to put together with a few screws and staples.

We set up the trellises directly behind the planter box, securing them to the box from the inside with galvanized screws. It was smooth sailing from here as we added decorative top boards all along the planter box and filled the ground area with black mulch.

With the addition of summer seedlings and herbs, the space has been completely transformed! I finally got my dream kitchen garden. A space that directly reflects my style, where I can not only grow my own food but also sit and relax.

You can enjoy the entire process from start to finish here on Igtv.

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