PINspiration – Crochet Toddler Bow Scarf

Pinterest has become a central place where I store ideas and inspiration for projects. I love having a virtual pin board. Thanks to Pinterest, a good friend came across a darling toddler scarf she was hoping I could duplicate. The original maker at Little Inspiration provided a tutorial on her blog with great photos, only problem… it was for a knit scarf. If you follow my posts, then you know I leave the knitting to my sister Cristina while I master crochet. After some trial and error, and playing with different stitches and hooks, I had a crochet version of the scarf!

Original knit on the left / My crochet on the right

Pretty good huh?

I was excited to have figured it out with my own pattern in the end. Even down to the bow. I tried to stay close to the same dimensions of the original. I was kicking myself for not having thought of making something like this before!

If you knit, you should check out her tutorial along with the amazing photos. I love how the bow serves as a way to secure the scarf, especially since I was hesitant to attach a clasp or button to something a small child would be wearing so close to the neck. The bow is perfect because it allows the scarf to “button” but does not pose a choking hazard as it easily pulls free thru the “bow opening”.

The color combination of cream and gray is unexpected

I will be trying the same pattern in a few other colors. I hope to have some available for the Christmas boutique coming up.

*************************** UPDATE **********************

I’ve posted the tutorial in 2 parts following this post here.  Feeling adventurous and want to give it a try? Check it out!

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15 Responses to PINspiration – Crochet Toddler Bow Scarf

  1. Megan says:

    Hi. I also fell in love with this scarf on Pinterest; however I am also not a knitter and prefer crochet. I saw your comment about making it in crochet and was curious if you were going to post a pattern? I was hoping it would save me the time of having to figure it out :)

  2. Megan says:

    Thanks so much you are wonderful!. I have three daughters and my first thought was finally a scarf that will stay on and they won’t trip over it. And it’s super adorable!

  3. Linda Utt says:

    How many chain stitches do you start with? I’m a crochet person not a knitter. I really love this scarf and would love to make one. Could you please send me more information.

  4. For those who had questions about my version of this beautiful scarf, I have finally posted a tutorial with pictures. I will be posting a part 2 with details on the bow real soon I promise!

  5. Megan says:

    Thanks so much!

  6. mrsbee23 says:

    I’m really interested in this tutorial (also fell in love with the scarf on Pinterest but can’t knit) but can’t seem to access your tutorial. It says I do not have access to edit it but I’d just like to view it :(

    • Ohhhh no! I wonder why it’s doing that to you. Maybe your browser or operating system doesn’t like the link. Try going to the main site “” and under the crochet section you will find the blanket tutorial, among other projects I have also written about. Hope that works!

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