Toddler Fleece Button Scarf

I have way too many projects on my waiting list right now. There just aren't enough hours in the day! Luckily this toddler scarf was quick and fairly simple to create. It is the latest addition to the Toddler Scarf collection. This one is done in 2 different layers of fleece and has a unique… Continue reading Toddler Fleece Button Scarf

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Prepping for the Christmas Boutique

After a successful first showing at last month's Harvest Festival, we are hard at work for next week's Christmas Boutique being put together by our newest craft fair friend. Women's accessories were a big hit last month so I am trying my hand at a few new winter items. Here's a peek at some of… Continue reading Prepping for the Christmas Boutique

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Harvest Festival – our first craft fair

The first Chucks For Chancho showing was a success. Spent some quality time with my sister, the new Chucks For Chancho contributor. We met some great people and got great feeback about our crafts. It's always uplifting when a complete stranger honestly appreciates something you've created from scratch with your own hands. Leading up to… Continue reading Harvest Festival – our first craft fair