Baby Blanket – Finally Tackling Minky Fabric

The last couple weeks have all been a blur as we prepare for our first craft fair. I hope to have on display and for sale some of my favorite hand crafted items. Creating inventory has been a challenge while trying to keep up with my actual job, my husband, housework, and the occasional request/orders from friends and even strangers. I jump at the chance to create something that’s going to go out into the world with a purpose. In a way, allowing me to leave some sort of mark…. a mark motivated by the memory of my son.

An old friend requested a soft minky baby blanket. I have been wanting to use minky fabric for quite some time and heard it could be a bit of a challenge to work with. Minky is a SUPER soft and plush fabric that almost feels like your touching a cloud. It’s amazing how soft it is. The fabric is can be difficult to sew as it shifts around quite a bit. The answer to this challenge: lots and lots of pins! Preparation is everything. I took my time pinning around the edges of the fabric to minimize slippage. It paid off! The request was a purple dot minky with a complimentary print on one side. I LOVE how this blanket turned out. I can’t wait to make more minky blankets!



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