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Library Ladder Install

After two years of progress in our home library we installed our custom rolling ladder this weekend. And I am in Love. It is just what we needed in the room to finish it off.

I went with an aluminum style from Alacco Ladders in Southern California due to the custom extended length required. A wood option was not only going to be 3 times the cost, but also even heavier. I chose a matte black powder coated finish for the entire thing, which I am extremely happy with.

We waited for the boy to go down for his nap to start installation, in hopes of getting it finished in the 2 hours or so we were going to have. Luckily I remember to film the process from start to finish! Ive got the exciting time lapse video here.

Ive got another post planned with the details on how we built this rom from start to finish.

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